Law Societies

“Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, writing an exact man”


This expression of Lord bacon is aptly applicable in the discipline of law. Apart from the course study and the norms laid down by the Bar Council of India, Law College Dehradun stretches itself beyond these barriers; care is taken to balance in-class and out-of-class life. Debates and seminars on contemporary legal issues, guest lectures and participation in cultural activities are some of the co-curricular activities forming an integral part of the curriculum. The aim of such activities is to improve the students’ writing and communication skills and inculcate the ability to understand relevant issues.

Co-curricular activities help the students to build up multi-dimensional skills and nurture their inner capabilities. Being a good debater teaches a person how to face interviews, and also to develop good speaking skills. In Law College debating is pursued with great enthusiasm. Presentation of papers at seminars helps the students to face the daunted task of public speaking. Experiences and accolades gained through many of these activities help during the internship and in dealing with clients, or even arguing in the courts. Professional law requires knowledge, diligence, competitive spirit, communication skills, interaction, self-discipline and self-confidence. Success in legal profession requires more than high intellect. It demands a well rounded personality, interpersonal skills and a practical hands-on approach to legal problems.

Students’ Bodies – the co curricular component of the academics is complimented by various activities organized by the university for the students of law under various student bodies. The students are given autonomy in organization and execution of various events.

  • The Legal Aid Centre (LCDLAC)
  • The Moot Court Society
  • The Debating Society
  • The Youth Parliament

Legal Aid Centre (LAC)

The University has a student body called Law College Dehradun Legal Aid Centre (LAC), responsible for organizing legal awareness camps regularly in the remote areas and villages of the state. Participation of the Panchayat representatives of the different village Panchayats and blocks is invited. In these camps issues concerning the working of Panchayats are discussed and Panchayat members are educated about their duties and way of functioning. LCDLAC is also responsible to coordinate with District Legal Services Authority to ensure Students’ participation in Lok Adalats.

At Law College Dehradun, great emphasis is laid on efficient organization of these sessions. We have an enthusiastic participation of students, the legal fraternity and the villagers at our Legal Literacy Camps.
It also organizes Mega Blood Donation Camp every year on the occasion of Law Day to make this day meaningful for the students.

Mega Blood Donation Camps: Society is honored with appreciation letter by the Medical Health and Family Welfare Department of Uttarakhand twice for providing outstanding services for the society by organizing blood donation camps.


Director of LAC – Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Bahuguna, Member State Legal Services Authority, Uttarakhand.
Assistant Director – Dr. Poonam Rawat,
Coordinator – Dr. Rachna Choudhary,
Advocates on panel

  1. Mr. Avinanda
  2. Mr. Alok Ghildiyal
  3. Mr. Rajesh Garg
  4. Mr. Chandra Shekhar Tiwari
  5. Mr. R.R.P. Singh
  6. Mr.S. Hari Singh
  7. Mr. Barat Singh Negi
  8. Mr. G. S. Rana

Activities for The Academic Session-2013-14

  • Mega Legal Awareness Camp at Doiwala Block.
  • Mega Blood Donation Camp in November, 2013.
  • Adoption of two villages to deal with their problems under the guidance of State Legal Services Authority of Uttarakhand.
  • Participation in Mega Lok Adalat to be organized by District Legal Services Authority Dehradun

The Moot Court Society

The Uttaranchal University integrates class room learning with practical learning. We believe that real life situations of legal arena can be known only when the students equip themselves fully with the practical knowledge of law. Legal education through class room learning and moot court participation stimulates the learning zeal of students. The Moot Court sessions encourage the development of skills in brief writing and oral advocacy.

It is practiced in different stages like analysis of the facts of a case to arrive at legal points, to understand decided cases in light of a case presented in the Moot Court, preparation of the plaint, written statement, drafting written and oral arguments and conduct of the participants with opponent counselors and the bench.

Sushila Devi Memorial Moot Court Competition
The society organizes a moot court competition in the college annually.

The Debating Society

Aims and Objectives

One of the foremost aims of the society is to develop and foster amongst its members qualities like team spirit, diligence, dedication and commitment. The Debating Society aims to identify students who are interested in participating in debates representing the college at state and national level competitions. All the activities undertaken by the society are designed to serve as a platform for students to develop the effective communication skills give an opportunity to inculcate managerial capabilities and organizational skills. The topics and issues chosen for various debates and discussions are selected keeping in mind, the need of a law student to be in touch with relevant social issues.

Although the Society is represented by a core group of office-bearers, every student of the Law College is a member of the Debating Society.

Society has organized many successful programs:

Activities for the Academic Session 2013-14

  • Intra -collegiate Debate (English) in August, 2013
  • National Debate (English): Proposed Date 5th& 6th Oct., 2013. (Saturday & Sunday)

The Youth Parliament

Transcendence and Continuity, Hierarchy and Collectivism, the characteristic elements of our thousand year old ‘tradition’, are the fundamentals of our socio-political psyche. We the future custodians of this rich heritage living in this modern age realize to fullest extent, the need of imbibing the modern values both political as well as social.
The formation of Youth Parliament thus an earnest endeavor to inculcate the essentials of liberty, equality and fraternity in ourselves and the youth in general.

To fulfill such objectives, Youth Parliament of Law College Dehradun initiated a platform to discuss all such issues.

Activities proposed for the Academic Session 2013-14

  1. Law College DehradunModel United Nations (LCDMUN)-2014
  2. Law College Dehradun National Parliamentary Debate (LCDNPD)-2014