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Professor Dharam Buddhi – Vice Chancellor

“We ignite the passion in students and churn them out as a brigade of change leaders”

Uttaranchal University provides exceptionally congenial academic environ for incubation of future catalysts to outperform global benchmark. The University ha.

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Prof. (Dr.) Abhishek Joshi, Director
Prof. (Dr.) Abhishek Joshi, Director – Students Affairs & IT Services

Prof. (Dr.) Abhishek Joshi is offering his guidance to Uttaranchal University as Director – Students Affairs & IT Services. Prof. (Dr.) Abhishek Joshi pursued his Post Graduation in Political Science and has a Doctorate in Political Science whi.

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Ms. Ankita Joshi
Ms. Ankita Joshi, Director

Ms Ankita Joshi is offering her skilled expertise to Uttaranchal University as Director – HR & Corporate Relations.

Ms Ankita Joshi is an MBA in International Business from the University of Sheffield, London (UK). Besides that, she is also .

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