600 students participate in the Induction Programme organized by Uttaranchal Institute of Management

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Uttaranchal Institute of Management organized an Induction Programme to welcome the Freshers, the First Year Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of Management and Computer Applications Department, of Uttaranchal University on 21st Aug 2018.

The Master of Ceremony, Mr. Shivendra Chaudhary, welcomed the Chief Guest of the ceremony, Hon’ble Chancellor of Uttaranchal University, Shri Jitender Joshi, who graced the Induction Ceremony with his revered presence. Mr. Shivendra also welcomed the other dignitaries, Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) N. K. Joshi, Director-Student Affairs and IT Services Dr. Abhishek Joshi , Director-UIM, Prof (Dr.) Pradeep Suri, Head (Research & Studies), Dr Mohd. Tariq Intezaar, Chief Librarian Mr. N. C. Uniyal and HOD-Computer Applications Department ,UIM, Dr. Sonal Sharma.

The programme inauguration started with the felicitation of the Chief Guest with a bouquet of flowers. The MoC then requested everybody to rise up as a mark of respect for the Uttaranchal University Kulgeet. Thereafter, the dignitaries were invited for the auspicious Lamp Lighting Ceremony.

Honourable Chancellor, Shri Jitender Joshi, welcomed and addressed the students and encouraged the students to utilise their university life for gaining as much knowledge as possible, both theoretical and practical. He also stressed upon the fact that with the dedicated faculty team of the institute and a great infrastructure, the students must try to make the most of the opportunity and thereby enhance their personality and related attributes.

Vice Chancellor, Prof.(Dr.) N.K. Joshi, stressed upon the importance of setting goals in life and being focussed in achieving the same. He gave examples of great achievers who set their goals, focussed and then practised hard to achieve their aspirations.

Director-UIM, Prof.(Dr.) Pradeep Suri, addressed the students emphasizing the importance of maintaining 75% attendance and also stated the guidelines to be followed by all the students of the University. He also motivated the students to put in sincere and dedicated efforts to work towards achieving their goals. He shared many real-life experiences and quoted eminent personalities which could become role models for their learning and career growth.

Thereafter, HOD- IT, Dr. Sonal Sharma, introduced the new students to the faculty fraternity of UIM, thus encouraging the students to gain from the huge knowledge pool available to them.

Head – Discipline Committee, Mr. A.K.S. Chauhan further reiterated the need for maintaining discipline and also warned the students asking them not indulge in any untoward activities within the campus and behave as responsible students and citizens.

Head-UIM Clubs, Mr. Ravindra S. Rawat informed the students about the various academic and non academic clubs, designed for overall development of students. He encouraged the students to actively participate in various club activities.

Chief Librarian, Mr. N.C. Uniyal briefed the students about the library and the digital library facilities in Uttaranchal University.

Assistant Controller of Examination, Mr Nitin Duklan, informed them about the examination & assessment criteria for their respective courses.

Finally, Head-Sports Committee, Mr. Barun Srivastava, gave details about the various games and contests organized by the institute at national, international, intra and inter university level.

The Programme was a dedicated and fruitful effort to make the students aware about the various guidelines to be followed while encouraging and motivating them to extract the best from the facilities available and thus strive hard to achieve their aspirations and career goals. The programme was a resounding success with a huge strength of around 600 students from different states of the country.

The event concluded with Vote of Thanks being proposed by MoC followed by the National Anthem.

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