A Motivational Session entitled “Unleash your hidden potential” organized at Law College Dehradun

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Law College Dehradun in collaboration with ‘AYUDH’ organized a Motivational Lecture on 28th August, 2018. The session aimed at youth empowerment with special focus on inculcating ethical values, patriotism and Indian culture in today’s youth. Dr. Abhishek Joshi, Director, Student Affairs and IT Services was the Chief Guest of the occasion and the event began with lighting of the ceremonial lamp and a Welcome Note delivered by Principal & Dean Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Bahuguna wherein he greeted the professional team from AYUDH, an international youth empowerment platform spread across six continents.

The Motivational Session began with a prayer recital by Mr. Amit, a member of Ayudh Team, in which he sensitized the young students about their role towards the nation creating awareness, conviction & commitment towards one’s society and endeavored to improve ethical values among the youngsters. The need for ethical value was driven hard into the minds of the students through a Role Play and he motivated the youth to channelize their valuable energy for a good cause which would ultimately benefit the society. This was followed by an Inspirational Talk by Mr. Vivek, who discussed about the role of youth in creating environmental awareness and the need to improve sustainable development goals. His speech also focused on the awareness of the fatal effects of the usage of drugs among the youth and the need to bring an end to the open defecation system which is an age old unhygienic practice followed in the country. This eventually inspired the students to protect nature and water bodies of the country. Ms. Bharthi and Mr. Sumit also gave inspiring talks and live examples on how to stay motivated in life by exploring and developing one’s inherent potential. They also invited the students to be a part of ‘AYUDH’ which has a holistic approach including fun, work and learning and to participate in AYUDH Leaders Training Summit which is to be held in December 2018. 

Prof. Bahuguna, in his address, stated that education should imbibe social consciousness and one should willingly use knowledge and skills to solve societal issues. Dr. Abhiskek Joshi, in his speech encouraged the youngsters to create a positive impact in the society by taking a leap of faith and follow their dreams and visions. The session was attended by the Faculty Members and students of Law College Dehradun.

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