Microsoft Campus Agreement

The Microsoft Campus Agreement is a subscription site licensing program specifically created to address the unique needs of higher educational institutions.

The Microsoft Campus Agreement is a site license which covers many popular Microsoft products at University. Products covered by the campus agreement can be downloaded at no cost by the University Student, faculty and employees. They can be installed onto any computer owned by the university.

The campus agreement has two components: the Microsoft Desktop Bundle, which covers Windows Desktop OS and Microsoft Office Suites; and the server agreement, which covers most Microsoft server products.

Benefits for the University

  • Department does not have to track licenses for individual computers to ensure compliance with software licensing.
  • The cost of buying new computers is lowered, since computers can be purchased with the least expensive version of Windows, then upgraded at no cost.
  • Cost is not a limiting factor in a department’s ability to upgrade Windows
  • The Windows OS can be installed at no cost
  • Department can set up Microsoft servers with no software cost

Products Available

  • Microsoft Desktop Bundle
    • Windows 11 Pro Upgrade* (Eligible Base OS is required)
    • O365 
      • Window Server Cal
      • Microsoft SharePoint Server Standard Cal
      • Microsoft Exchange Server Standard Cal
      • Microsoft System Center configuration Manager Client Management License
      • Window Defender

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