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Uttaranchal University in alignment with its vision and mission of serving the country and human community at large organises various awareness campaigns and donation drives with the human resource available within its ambit. To expand and elevate the knowledge through practice, the university indulges in a plethora of social activities to benefit the local population.

Objectives of the practice: 

  •  To impart skills and knowledge through free education and study material to the financially downtrodden children. 
  • To make them aware about the basic concepts of hygiene and cleanliness habits, hygiene and sanitation.
  • To create awareness through various campaigns on pressing issues and develop potential erroneous beliefs on drugs.
  • To impart practical knowledge of basic legal rights even to the common man of the nation and enable them to face the challenges in real life situations. 
  • To imbibe social responsibility and patriotism amongst the students and motivate the students to adopt the culture of sacrifice in life by making them donate voluntarily things and services for the welfare of the society. 

Adoption of a school

Uttaranchal University has donated land to run a High school in Banjarawala Basti, Selaqui, in the name of Pandit Sureshanand Joshi Saraswati Vidya Mandir, which is a pioneering initiative. Besides donating land, the school has been adopted and continuous support is extended and the university facilitates the requisite infrastructure and teaching resource for the betterment of the children, who are at the bottom of the pyramid to have a similar opportunities to grow as those of the others. Through this philanthropic activity the university extends a holistic support in its construction, library, and purchase of goods for the school and pays the salaries of the teachers thereby strengthening the educational system at its grass root level.

Free education:
Gift of education, is considered to be the most precious gift that a human being can offer. The ‘Globe Club’ of the university conducts ‘Shiksha Daan’ activity in ‘Akhil Bhartiya Mahila Ashram’ Besides adopting a school, the students of Uttaranchal University volunteer themselves to educate and provide equal opportunity to the economically backward and needy children residing in the slum areas in and around the city of Dehradun.  The activity is conducted on first three Saturdays of every month on a regular basis , with a view to create awareness among the less privileged children on issues related to health, environmental issues, education etc.

Facilitate basic amenities
In an attempt to reach out to the poor and needy people residing in the slum areas of Dehradun city, the management proffers basic needs like food and clothing regularly. The management in association with Shagun Hospitality distributes food to the nearby orphanage and particularly during COVID-19 pandemic took care of 500 needy people in Dehradun daily by distributing food and continued it till the lockdown was lifted. Not only the management but also students are service oriented and this is reflected in ‘Ek Kapada Daan’ activity, in which they collect old and unused clothes from the students and staff members and distribute it to the deprived people. Blanket donation drive is another act of generosity done by the management to protect the underprivileged people from the harsh winters. 

Awareness campaigns
Awareness Campaign is another sustained effort of the University to educate the public and create awareness in them on a range of issues.

Legal Awareness Camps – We believe that law should not be limited only to the books and the people of law, but should reach event to the last common man. To achieve this objective the university organises Legal Aid Camp for Panchayat representatives every year on topics including laws of common man, general issues, drafting of FIR, laws relating to land, women welfare, children, Rights and the system of running the Grass root bodies. They are witnessed by hon’ble judges of High Court, District court, members of legislative assembly, Block pramukhs, District Panchayat Raj officers and Chief Development officers etc.

Campaign against Drug Abuse & Cancer awareness programs – The University organises workshops and panel discussions in collaboration with Uttarakhand Police. Besides this a short film produced by one student volunteer of the university is being screened in every schools and colleges of the state of Uttarakhand by the police authorities to raise awareness against the use of drug among the youngsters. The awareness campaigns include, ‘Traffic Awareness Campaign’, ‘Vigilance Awareness against Corruption’, ‘Cleanliness Drive’, ‘Dengue Awareness Campaign’, ‘save the strays’, are a few to mention.

Blood donation campaigns
To create an exemplary practice in the interest of local population of the state of Uttarakhand Law College Dehradun, faculty of Uttaranchal University, organises Blood Donation Camps which is its unique way to celebrate ‘National Law Day’. Blood the fluid of life is RED regardless of race caste or creed and is an essential element for human being with no substitute. Every year on 26th November Mega Blood Donation Camp is organized at Uttaranchal University under the aegis of Law College Dehradun Legal Aid Centre. Four Major Blood Banks of the State are invited to collect blood from the voluntary donors. This day of Uttaranchal University has witnessed the benign presence of three Chief Ministers of the state, Governor of the state, High Court Judges, and many other renowned personalities.

Ek Kapda Daan

Globe Club (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment), under the aegis of Uttaranchal University (UIM), is a best combination of faculty and students where both combine together to perform various activities to save the environment and achieve much more than an individual can. It also plays an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generation for sustainable use of resources. It also clutches the feeling of care and share that creates positive bonding among different level of minds working together in a group Read More

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