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Prof. (Dr.) Abhishek Joshi, Director

Welcome to Uttaranchal University! I am happy to welcome you to your aptly chosen learning destination and our campus community. My support will always be there as your most trusted anchor as you embark on your journey full of promise, hope, and achievement. We are committed to working for you to gain the utmost from the opportunities you will find at this great institution.

At Uttaranchal University we are dedicated to meeting the needs of all the students and ensure optimum utilization of resources. We have outstanding faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure, a beautiful campus and a learning friendly ambience. I strongly suggest that the students should exploit all the resources to the utmost towards attaining lifelong skills, enroll as members in the varied clubs & societies to hone their soft skills and participate in all the extra-curricular activities to attain holistic development.

Transform your learning odyssey with Uttaranchal University into the best achieving years of your life. We assure to encourage and support you in the realization of your aspirations and hope that you attain your professional goals and prove to be an asset in your chosen field.

Prof. (Dr.) Abhishek Joshi

Director- Students Affairs & IT Services

[email protected] 


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