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About the Cell: 

Counseling is a process that works to facilitate well-being through guidance and support of trained mental health professionals. With the aim to resolve mental health issues and promote well-being for all, Counselling Cell of Uttaranchal University was established. The goal of the cell is to address and help resolve emotional and psychological issues of the students and employees of the University. The college has initiated the “Counselling Cell” in the college premises with the help of a trained team of faculty members as Counselors.

It is a student support service intended to help students adapt and make the best of their learning environment. It is common knowledge that when students have problems that are unresolved, it reflects in their attendance, academic performance and ultimately their personality development. The Centre therefore attempts to provide a nurturing environment wherein each student is empowered to face life challenges and move ahead to achieve their academic goals.

Role Of The Cell:

The role of the counselling cell is to bring about positive behavioural changes in the students and further improve their ability to make their own decisions, understand their true potential and cope effectively with everyday problems they face. The counselling cell emphasizes on helping students to make proper adjustments in academic pursuit and improve quality of life. The counsellors motivate and support the students regularly in every kind of behavioural issues by offering support through listening and responding in a non-judgemental and confidential way, thereby, ensuring the students become well-adjusted and productive. The counsellors of the cell are trained to assess, diagnose and treat students dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, social addictions and other day to day problems which can be be personal, emotional, social, family, peer, academic, etc. This is done through individual or group counselling to help them with academic goals, social and personality development, career goals, enhancing listening skills, empathy and interpersonal skills to have healthy relationships and a healthy lifestyle.


  • To provide counseling and health services in an accessible and nurturing environment that recognizes the unique needs of the student community.
  • To accompany students in the various phases of their lives.
  • To support the students in their academic and social pressures.

Office Bearers Of the Psychological Counselling Cell:

Name & Designation Status Contact No.
Prof. (Dr.) Shravan Kumar, Dean, SLA Chair Person 7838361700
Mr. Komil Kumar, Assistant Professor, SLA Member Secretary 9720637560
Dr. Lakshmi Priya Vinjamuri, Associate Professor, LCD Member 9885288118
Dr. Sunil Ghildiyal, Associate Professor, CSE, UIT Member 7409304753
Dr. Deepti Sharma, Associate Professor, UIM Member 8318519858
Dr. Vikas Kumar, Assistant Professor, SALS Member 9568617581
Mr. Sunil Prakash, Assistant Professor, SOA Member 7060542082
Ms. Jyotsana Suyal, Assistant Professor, UIPS Member 8979919358
Ms. Shilpi Prakash, Assistant Professor, SLA Member 9457948320

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