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The Uttaranchal University has been recognized by UGC under section 2(f) and 12 (B) of the UGC Act, 1956 and other statutory bodies of the State and the Nation. The University has been accredited with the prestigious “A+ Grade” by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). Uttaranchal University has become the first private University in the State of Uttarakhand to receive NAAC A+ Grade in the first cycle of Accreditation and this firmly positions us among the top 5% HEIs of the nation. The University community pursues its mission of service to the regional, national and international through quality teaching, research and innovation culminating the essence of the exquisite Sanskrit Shloka,

पदं  हि सर्वत्र  गुणैर्निधीयते

“Good qualities put their footprints everywhere”

Law College Dehradun (LCD)

Since its inception, LCD has played a vital role and had a substantial impact on the transformation of legal education in India. However, in India, access to high-quality legal education remains limited, LCD- UU is aiming to make legal education more accessible, diverse, equitable, and inclusive. We want to mould students into socially conscious, emotionally intelligent, and empathetic lawyers who can contribute to community service, nation building, strengthening democracy, and ensure that everyone has access to justice.

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Uttaranchal Institute of Technology (UIT)

Uttaranchal Institute of Technology has come a long way since its commencement providing world-class engineering education, fostering research, and evolving innovative applications of technology that ultimately mould the youth, capable of assuming leadership of the society.

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Uttaranchal Institute of Management (UIM)

UIM is leading the way in offering excellent educational facilities, faculty with impeccable academic credentials, and a plethora of programmes to choose from. Our research programmes are highly innovative and relevant to the existing management practices, pertinent for developing managerial expertise, innovative trends and aid in developing a highly effective management think-tank.

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School of Agriculture (SOA)

SOA is an important constituent of Uttaranchal University and is the best institute for the new age Agro-professionals and advance learnings in Agriculture. SOA has evolved to be the best State-of-the-Art infrastructure, maintaining Agro-practical fields, advanced crop research centre and mesmerising landscape in the campus along with a good number of distinguished faculty member for holistic development of the students.

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School of Applied and Life Sciences (SALS)

SALS aims to provide quality education encompassing the varied fields of science. The institute is committed to the goal of preparing a skilled workforce to be at the zenith amongst leading Applied Science Institutes in the country.

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Uttaranchal Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (UIPS)

UIPS has become a recognized brand of education and research in Pharmaceutical Sciences catering to the students of the country and those beyond its boundaries. UIPS focuses on excellence in teaching and research and strives to prepare students to become Pharmaceutical Scientists on a concrete foundation.

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Uttaranchal School of Computing Sciences (USCS)
USCS is one of the best Computer Sciences institutions in North India. USCS strives to prepare students to effectively design and develop software applications as well understand their impact in societal contexts and work for sustainable development.

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Uttaranchal School of Journalism & Mass Communication (USJMC)
USJMC aims to provide quality education and practical exposure to nurture the future journalists and communicators. The latest technology infrastructure is the strength of USJMC including well equipped TV Studio, Photography lab, Audio lab, Production setup and Computer lab. USJMC gives a complete media exposure, contributing to the holistic development of the students.

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Uttaranchal School of Hotel & Hospitality Management (USHHM)
Hotel and Catering is one of the largest industries employing lakhs of people.  USHHM aims to impart quality training and exposure through the courses offered in the Catering Industry which covers large operations in Health, Education, Airline and Cruise operations etc.

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School of Liberal Arts (SLA)
SLA aims to provide students with the comprehensive education and 21st century skills to enable them to excel in several careers in business, social sector, research and development. The uniquely tailored programmes are to carve out the students with new approach towards multifarious horizons, methods of enquiry, experiences and abilities that will help them to build a new world with more empathetic systems around them.

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Uttaranchal College of Nursing (UCN)
UCN aims to provide students the opportunity to enter the field of health-care services. During the Covid-19 pandemic; the importance of health-care industry has taken a topmost priority, not only in India but throughout the world. Taking its cognizance, Uttaranchal University decided to establish a College of Nursing to help the nation and serve humanity; creating a plethora of opportunities and job vistas in the health-care industry.

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