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The Women Cell of Uttaranchal University was established in the year 2015 in accord with the directions that are issued by University Grants Commission and Ministry of Human Resource Development, as well as the Supreme court ruling of the year 1997. The primary motive of the establishment of the women cell was to provide empowerment and sustenance to the dignity of the working Women and it also ensures the right of equality as a fundamental right, prohibition of discrimination of equality of opportunities in matters related to public employment. The key motive of the University Women Cell is to offer and uphold a safe, dignified, affable working as well as learning environment for the students and the women employees which is free from any kind of discrimination related to gender as well as sexual harassment. It further fosters an atmosphere where both men as well as women work in a coordinated manner towards the progress and prosperity of the institution in a innocuous and healthy academic environment. 

The basic aims and objectives of the Women Cell are to inculcate moral values through the mode of discussion and counselling. Creation of an awareness among the women about their rights and duties so as to protect themselves from any type of harassment. Conduction of short vocational training for the promotion of work culture and also knowledge is imparted on issues related to health and hygiene. Enhancement of self confidence among women students, faculty and staff. Social awareness campaigns related to problems of women like gender discrimination, employment matters, social issues and health are conducted in a regular manner. The Women cell also provides numerous opportunities and programs for females to be mentally, financially and emotionally empowered in order to promote their growth as an individual and also facilitates in cultivating leadership skills in women thereby helping them to change their mindset in accordance with the changing society. Programs are conducted for the upliftment of women and also making them realise their importance and equal responsibility in building up a better society. The information about the protective measures available on campus for women is also disseminated. The Cell creates awareness about dealing with situations of sexual harassment at the work place through extra-curricular activities like debate, essay and poster competitions. Lectures of eminent personalities from civil authorities, NGO’s, academicians and the experts working in the area are also arranged from time to time for creating awareness among all.

Office Bearers Of The University Women Cell

Name & Designation Status Contact No.
Prof. (Dr.) Poonam Rawat, Professor, LCD Chair Person 9760760645
Prof. (Dr.) Bharti Ramola, Professor, SALS Member 9897206569
Dr. Laxmi Priya Vinjamuri, Associaate Professor, LCD Member 9885288118
Dr. Himani Maheshwari, Assistant Professor, UIM Member 7830799041
Dr. Neha Saini, Assistant Professor, SOA Member 9897871403
Ms. Alka Singh, Assistant Professor, UIPS Member 8279960272
Ms. Arti Rana, Assistant Professor, CSE, UIT Member 9634374412

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