Doctoral Courses

The doctoral program (Ph.D) is focused on acquiring in-depth knowledge and expertise in the chosen field. It is research-centric and creating new frontiers in knowledge and enabling a scholar to become a competent researcher who can conduct independent research in his/her chosen area.

This program teaches how to identify research problems and how to apply suitable techniques to produce results and advance the state of understanding about that problem. The ability to conduct research in a certain field requires deep knowledge of that area, knowledge about related areas, and the experience of working on problems with unknown outcomes.

The process of research begins by forming some new idea, or some hypothesis for research. The idea has to be developed using the established methods of scientific research, through which the researcher shows the value of the idea. Spending time studying, analyzing, evaluating research issues, and comparing with research work of others, can help in discovering reliable outcomes.

Independent research is always a part of a Ph.D program.
In research there are also issues of communication involved, how well the thesis has been presented, how convincing the study is and what addition it is making to the existing knowledge will make the research work worthy of acceptance.


Ph. D Program – 2016

The study of Ph.D Program for session 2016 is under way at Uttaranchal University.  With a view to maintaining the quality and objectivity of research, the university has enrolled the very deserving candidates for the program in compliance with guidelines of the UGC Regulation 2009.


Ordinances for Ph.D. Research Program

Ph.D. Research Program

The Ph.D. Research program is being offered in the following fields of study:

  • Law
  • Engineering
  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
  • Management
  • Economics
  • Agriculture(Agronomy)

Eligibility for this course


  • A candidate for the Ph.D. degree must have a Master’s degree of any University incorporated by the law in force, in allied discipline and recognized by the Executive Council of the University.
  • Candidates with bachelor’s degree in engineering /technology/any other professional discipline, with either 75% or more marks in aggregate and a minimum of three years or 60% or more marks in aggregate and a minimum of fifteen years, relevant experience in recognized institute/university/industry/government organization, may be considered eligible for admission, on the recommendation of SRC and approval by BOS.
  • Candidates possessing M.Phil. Degree in the allied discipline.
  • For foreign national/NRI/PIO eligibility as per UGC/AIU guide lines/rules.
  • Other candidates fulfilling the essential eligibility criteria will also be considered subject to availability of seats..

Details about the admission procedure

    • The admission to Ph.D. course shall be done through Uttaranchal University Entrance Examination (UUEE) for eligible candidates and shall be followed by an interview.
    • Those candidates who have cleared JRF/NET-UGC/GATE/SLET/USET will be exempted from entrance examination.
    • Candidates possessing M.Phil. Degree in the allied discipline will be exempted from the entrance examination..
  • The candidates shall be interviewed by the RDC about their research interest/area..
  • Admission to Ph.D program will be based purely on merit, computed through the following criteria :
    • 30% weightage to percentage of marks of Master’s Degree.
    • 30% weightage to the score of Uttaranchal University Entrance Examination(UUEE)/ JRF/NET-UGC/GATE/SLET/USET.
    • 40% weightage to the personal interview by RDC.

About the research supervisor

  • Only regular faculty of Uttaranchal University, possessing requisite qualifications as prescribed by UGC and having published work, shall be the Supervisor of the Candidate.
  • Faculty members of University who possesses Ph.D. Degree with minimum of 4 years of teaching experience and have at least two publications in refereed journals are eligible to be a Supervisor for a Ph.D scholar.
  • Adjunct Professor /Emeritus Professor are also eligible for Research Supervisors with valid Ph.D. Degree in the relevant field.

About the place of work/ research centre

  • Every full time research scholar shall normally work at University Campus. However permission to work at an outside place may be given for a limited period, on recommendation of the RDC.
  • The Research Degree Committee (RDC) of the subject shall ensure, in the case of Assistant Professors and Associate professors, their ability to be approved as supervisors, which will be based on the quality of published/ project work carried out by them.
  • A Co-Guide/ Co-supervisor can also be allowed by the RDC for interdisciplinary work. But, either guide or co-guide must be a teacher of this university.
  • New supervisors has to be approved by the Academic Council on the recommendations of concerned RDC as per provisions of the Statutes of Uttaranchal University.

Information about the registration / course work

  • Candidates possessing M.Phil. Degree will be exempted from the course work.
  • After his/her admission, the candidate shall undertake the prescribed course work for one semester (six months). There shall be a total of three papers and the course work shall be supervised by the Dean of Faculty and concerned Head/ Convener. The course shall include:
    • Research methodology, which may include Quantitative Methods and Computer Applications.
    • An Advanced Paper in the subject/ area in which the candidate has proposed to follow his/her research work for the Ph.D. degree.
    • Reviewing of Published Research in the relevant field. This shall be the minimum qualifying requirement for allowing a student to proceed with further work and the writing of the thesis.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of the prescribed course work, the candidate shall undertake research work and produce a draft thesis. In case the candidate does not qualify the course, may be given one more opportunity to qualify the course. A candidate who could not appear in the examinations due to shortage of attendance may also be given one more opportunity to qualify the course provided.
  • The application for registration shall be placed before RDC , consisting of the Vice-Chancellor, the Dean of the Faculty, Convener of the RDC concerned and three experts to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor in consultation with the convener of the Board of Studies. The Committee shall satisfy itself that the subject and the synopsis offered are such which can profitably be pursued under the guidance of the proposed supervisor, that the candidate possesses the requisite qualifications and that adequate facilities and equipment for work exist at the institution level..
  • A pre-registration presentation of the synopsis shall be held in the subject before the RDC of the University in which the candidate will have to present and defend his/her synopsis and related aspect of his/ her research.
  • A Candidate shall be registered from the date of his/her application and submission of fees even though the RDC approves the subject at a later date, unless a different date has been specified by RDC.
Provided further that –
  • The application for registration and the research synopsis of a candidate must be submitted to the university at least one month before the actual date of the meeting of the R.D.C. of a subject.
  • The maximum time of six months shall be allowed for submitting a revised synopsis. After this period the synopsis submitted shall be treated as withdrawn/cancelled.
  • After the expiry of 3 years from the date of registration the candidate may be granted one-year extension by the Vice-Chancellor provided that the candidate has applied for extension within 3 months before the expiry of the three year period. Unless the extension is granted by the Vice-Chancellor, the name of the candidate shall be removed from the list of those registered for the Ph.D. Degree, after expiry of three year period.
    The candidate may apply for re-registration within a period of three months from the date on which the period of 3 years or the extended period has expired and, thereafter, he shall be re-enrolled after paying a fresh fee as prescribed and he/she shall be given a further maximum period of one year from the date or re-registration for the submission of his/ her thesis.
    The submission of thesis and the payment of fee, both must be done within 3 years or extended period. Thesis shall not be accepted after due date.

More information on the pre-submission seminar

  • The Ph. D. student needs to publish minimum of two research paper related to his/her subject domain in peer reviewed/referred journal with ISSN of national/ international repute OR
    Have at least four full research papers published in refereed/peer-reviewed proceedings of International Conferences, and produce evidence for the same in the form of acceptance letter and registration receipt of the publication before the submission of the final drafted thesis for the award of Ph.D. degree.
  • A pre-submission seminar shall be held in the University Department of the subject in which the candidate shall present and defend the thesis work. The pre-submission seminar shall be open to all the faculty members and research scholars of the concerned department and the faculty.
  • The thesis to be submitted must be approved teaching staff of the concerned department after the pre-submission seminar is over. Such an approval must include the Dean of the department, HOD of that subject/Convener of the RDC as a Chairman. The thesis must be forwarded to the University by the convener of the RDC.

Evaluation of the Thesis

  • The following documents shall be submitted by the candidate to the University at the time of submission of thesis:-
    1. Thesis: 04 copies
    2. Summary: 04 copies
    3. Synopsis: 04 copies
    4. No-dues Certificate (Fee. Receipt, Departmental & Central Library)
    CD of the Thesis (PDF File) along with a certificate from Central Library, Uttaranchal University, Dehradun to the effect that the thesis has been scanned through anti piracy software. Anti plagiarism certificate to be attached with the thesis The medium of expression for thesis shall be English. The thesis shall be accompanied by a certificate from the supervisor stating: that the thesis embodies the work of the candidate himself/herself. A Declaration by the candidate regarding originality of the research work should be given on A4 sheet (to be attached with the thesis) and on a non-judicial stamp paper costing Rs 100/- attested by a notary as per format given in Annexure C2.
    The thesis shall comply with the following conditions :-
    • It must be original research work showing discovery of facts or a fresh approach towards the interpretation of facts or theories. It should display the candidate’s capacity for critical examination and sound judgment.
    • The candidate shall communicate how far the thesis embodies the result of his/her advance knowledge in the subject.
    • It shall be satisfactory with respect to language and presentation of subject matter.

More about appointment of examiners:

  • On receipt of the title and synopsis of the thesis, the Dean Research & Studies shall send the name of panel of examiners, as approved by the RDC to the Controller of Examination (COE) and the Vice-Chancellor will appoint the Board of Examiners for the thesis. The Board shall consist of one internal examiner from amongst the supervisor(s), and two external examiners preferably one from outside State.
  • The Ph.D. examiner shall be required to submit his/her report normally in two months time. He/she may take some more time with permission of the Vice-Chancellor. Thereafter, a fresh examiner may be appointed.
  • If any two examiners disapprove the thesis, it shall be sent to third examiner (external) to examine the thesis.
  • If the examiners recommend that the candidate be asked to improve his/her thesis the Executive Council may permit the candidate to resubmit his/her thesis, not earlier than six months and not later than one year.
  • In case the candidate is allowed to re-submit his/her thesis, he/she shall have to pay a fresh fee of Rs. 5000/- or any other fee prescribed at the time of the re-submission of the thesis but it shall not be necessary for him/her to produce any certificate of further attendance.
  • The University shall have the right to withdraw or cancel the already awarded Degree, if it is found at any date that there is no originality or genuineness in the thesis concerned or if there is any other severe matter according to which it is established that the degree should not have been awarded to the candidate.

More about the Viva-Voce Examination

  • When any two original examiners approve the thesis, the candidate shall be called upon to appear for a viva-voce test before a board of two examiners comprising the supervisor and one of the two persons, selected by the Vice-Chancellor.
  • The Dean of the University Department/ Convener of RDC of the University shall be the Chairman of the viva-voce examination of a candidate.
  • Not satisfied with the viva-voce examination, the candidate shall be asked to re -appear (after paying a fee of Rs. 10,000/-) at a second viva-voce examination within one year but not earlier than six months. If the candidate fails to satisfy the viva-voce examiners the second time, his/her thesis shall be finally rejected.
  • Along with the degree, University shall issue a Provisional Certificate certifying that the degree has been awarded in accordance with the UGC provisions(UGC Ph.D. Regulation 2009).

More about scholarships

Full time deserving candidates will be eligible to apply for suitable scholarship on successful completion of their pre-Ph.D. course work.

Such candidates will be awarded scholarship/stipend* per month as per the University rules. They will be required to take the teaching load of 10-12 hours per week during this period.

*To be revised from time to time.

More about sponsored candidates

Adequate number of seats shall be made available for candidates who have been sponsored by the various government and non-government departments.

These candidates will be required to appear in all stages of the admission process, and fulfill the eligibility criteria.

More about Cancellation of Registration

  • If a candidate fails to attend the scheduled RDC meeting, a warning will be issued for two such consecutive absenteeism, and if the candidate remains absent in the third RDC, the candidate’s registration for the PhD program will be cancelled