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A visit to a well-known renowned Industry, Himalaya Wellness Company (Dehradun Unit) located at Turner Road, Subhash Nagar in Dehradun was organised for Applied Science students (SALS) by Dean SALS, Prof (Dr) Ajay Singh. 55 students of B Sc (Hons) Chemistry, B Sc CBZ, MSc Chemistry/Industrial Chemistry and M.Sc. Environment Sciences participated in this industrial tour. The students were split into different groups under the guidance of Dr Waseem Ahmad, Mr Shivam Pandey and Ms. Sukhdeep Kaur. The students were directed by the scientists of Industry, Dr Sumanlata, Dr Zafar Mahmood and Dr Arunesh Kumar Dixit respectively.

Students took advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the environment of the industry along with working. They visited the company’s Herbal Garden, Manufacturing Area, and Different research and quality control Labs. The students were further briefed about various therapeutic plants and their characteristics. They loved the visit to the Herbal Garden since the plants were unique and the experts provided them with a wealth of information on the therapeutic plants. A documentary titled “Himalaya Wellness Company”, showing the company’s history was also shown to the students. Dr S Farooq, President of Himalayan Drugs Company, interacted with the students and shared his knowledge as well as information about the company’s evolution from Himalayan Drugs Company to Himalaya Wellness.

The students gained a lot of information from this excursion as a result of the knowledge that was provided to them on the production as well as the storage of medicinal plants, the extraction process, various instruments, labs etc. The students expressed their appreciation with thanks to the Honourable Chancellor Shri Jitender Joshi and Dean, Prof (Dr) Ajay Singh for organising a wonderful visit to the industry.

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