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GATE 2019

Civil Engineering III year student, Tanmoy Banerjea, had an article published in “Chilparco International’s quarterly magazine”, released at one of their international conferences (via virtual mode) in January 2022. His article was named “The Dichotomy between Education and True Education”.

Being a firm believer of the existence of a difference between literacy and education from a very young age, Tanmoy was able to use his beliefs to pen down the article in the international magazine. This article is centered on the concept of education and differentiates it from literacy- a term that is quite often used interchangeably with education, despite there being wide differences between both. Apart from the academic knowledge, due importance that should be given to miscellaneous yardsticks, about which we do not get to learn from any books but solely by keen observation, has been touched upon. These factors are to be recognized as aspects that are as equal in importance as the bookish knowledge and ideas because it is the inculcation of these very small yet significant facets that help us in the long run. It is these factors that carve out a complete man who holds the necessary skills to be called as “Educated”. The conference had guest speakers from all across the globe, who are experts in their fields, and all of them put forth their views on education. Apart from them, the Chief Guests for the conference were-

i) Her Excellency Prof (Dr) Queen Elizabeth Lucas Afolalu

ii) Her Excellency Queen Nadia Harihiri.

Both “Excellencies” come from the ruling class of the Royal Families of African Countries, and are Ambassadors at various international forums.

The terms ‘Literacy’ and ‘Education’ are used interchangeably by many people today, but the truth is that they are of diverse characters in their own right. Education encompasses a whole lot of other things apart from just academics and education in itself happens to be a minute particle in a vast ocean called “knowledge”. In a nutshell, apart from concentrating on just being literate, one must take cognizance of all other attributes that would be beneficial for the individual and the society at large and strive towards fine-tuning their skills to be at par with the present day requirements that are needed to be a good professional, and a human being.

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