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The students of B.Sc. Agriculture II Semester visited a mango orchards near Upper Kandoli Village, and learnt about agro-forestry model in which different Kharif crops like wheat, oat, mustard, etc. are cultivated with mango and other tree species. Dr. Mishra and Dr. Rajendra , who accompanied the students explained to them the various strategies of tree plantation, crop selection, plowing, churning and harrowing of soil, selection and application of organic fertilizers, bio-pesticides and chemical formulations for various agricultural crops in different seasons. The students also saw how efficient use of land can be made by using modern techniques with traditional practices that can build better agro-economy The faculty explained to the students how diseases are caused in plants by fungi, insects and nutrient deficiency in mango tree. They were also taught about  weeds management.

Students collected samples of diseased plants and several weeds for herbarium preparation.

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