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School of Hospitality Management celebrates World Food Day

World Food Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in School of Hospitality Management, Uttaranchal University along with National Service Scheme on 16th October, 2020. United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) marked October 16 of every year as World Food Day in the year 1979. World Food Day 2020 also marks the 75th anniversary of FAO. Initially, World Food Day was launched to commemorate the establishment of FAO. Gradually, the day turned into a global event, creating awareness about food shortage and reviving food systems across the globe. The year 2020 is particularly significant as it is occurring at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic threatens food security in many parts of the world. The day was celebrated with the theme – “Grow, nourish, sustain. Together. Our actions are our future.”

The event started with thte wise words by Mr. Manish Badoni, Principal, School of Hospitality Management. He spoke about current scenario of the world food crises, effect of COVID-19 pandemic on the food industry and benefits of organic food.

The session was joined by Faculty Members, namely, Mr. Surendra Singh Bhakuni, Chef Hitendra Singh Chauhan, Mr. Deepak Rawat and Chef Abhishek Maindola. Mr. Mohd. Monis [I Semester bagged the First Position, II Position went to Mr. Akash Kumar and III Position went to Mohit Devrani. Winners were awarded with an E-Certificate of Appreciation by Mr. Manish Badoni, Principal – SHM.The campaign concluded with a Vote of Thanks delivered by Chef Abhishek Maindola.

Women Cell of Uttaranchal Institute of Management, Uttaranchal University organizes Poster-Making Competition

Women Cell of Uttaranchal Institute of Management, Uttaranchal University organized an online ‘Poster-Making Competition’ on the occasion of “International Girl Child Day” on 10 October 2020. The theme for the competition was “Save the Girl Child-Educate the Girl Child”. The theme was aligned with the theme of United Nations ‘My Voice, Our Equal Future’ aiming at the progress of the girl child, the foundation of which starts with education. The participation was open to all the students of Management and Computer Application Department of UIM.

Director UIM, Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep Suri along with HOD, Computer Application, Dr. Sonal Sharma and HOD Management, Dr. Amitabh Bhargav graced the event with their benign presence. They encouraged the students to compete with zest and also direct efforts towards empowering girls and making them ready to face the challenges in future.

Twenty-five students participated in the poster-making competition. Students not only presented their posters but also shared their views on the theme. Participants were judged on the basis of relevance, originality, artistic composition, and creativity. Eminent Jury included Dr. Anshu Bansal Gupta, Mr. Rohit Dhiman, Ms. Pratibha Pandey. Winner of the event was Vishi Tyagi from BCA, First Runner Up was Rishika Bisht from B.com(H) and Second Runner Up was Aarti from B.com (H).

The event was organized and executed by Dr. Deepa Bisht (Head – Women Cell), Dr. Anshu Bansal Gupta, Mrs.Sakshi Gautam, Mrs. Vijay Lakshami Sajwan, Mrs. Prabhjyot Kaur and Dr.Mayank Pant.

The event was successful in its aim to celebrate the girl child, spread the message across of the importance of treating girls fairly, with dignity and equality and drive efforts that fulfill their rights not just benevolently for them but in partnership with them.

Guest Lecture Organized by School of Liberal Arts on World Mental Health Day

“It is not realistic to be happy all the time, no matter what all the motivational quotes on the internet say.” -Dina Rodriguez

The addressal of the issue of mental health has probably become one of most discussed and studied issue over the past few years. With the constant inner battles that a person faces, it is undeniable to provide such a space that gives exposure to the people to discuss and speak their hearts out. It becomes crucial to make such people strengthen themselves and make them realize that they possess the epitome of strength. On the account of the World Mental Health Awareness Day, the School of Liberal Arts endeavoured to organize an event that aimed to provide a platform for the teachers and the students to discuss their concern about mental health. The chief speaker of the event was Dr. Harsha Khandelwal (Psychologist and Emotional Intelligence Coach and the Founder of Corporate Parijat). The chief dignitaries of the event included the Vice Chancellor of Uttaranchal University, Dr. Devendra Pathak and the faculty of the School of Liberal Arts.

The entire programme was hosted gracefully by Ayesha Thapa (B.A. Honours, Psychology) who gave insight to the various presentations of the day. Surabhi Gaur (B.A. Honours, Psychology) gave an applaudable speech on Mental Health and its importance. The programme was attended by the students of SLA and other colleges as well. It commenced with a welcomes Speech by organizer Mr.Komil Kumar and further by the Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Devendra Pathak who heartily welcomed the virtual guest of the event. The students felt highly overwhelmed to hear the words of wisdom and they got an insight of the mental health and how it has a deep effect in the life of a person. The speech encapsulated plethora of intricacies of the human mind and its way of moulding the personality of an individual. It also portrayed that how discussions for the mental health are pronounced, especially for the current generation that experiences numerous issues about the same.

The programme further proceeded with the presentation of the main guest of the session, Dr. Harsha Khandelwal. She assisted the students in exploring and analysing the human mind and the concept of mental health. The slides’ presentation rendered aid to realize that there is no rationale to “stigmatize” mental health in the society. The attendees realized that one must be expressive about such topics that help in the interpretation of the human psychology. Her factual elucidation also included the gravity of the topics like the importance of meditation in battling with such grave emotions, the attitude of gratitude, and providing assistance to people undergoing mental pressures. It further included some solutions for the recuperation from such hard times. She also addressed many of the queries of the students regarding the mental health.The students were contented and motivated with the answers. Generation gap was also addressed as a significant hindrance that makes it strenuous to comprehend the mindset of the people of the different generations.

The event came to a graceful conclusion with a Vote of Thanks presented by Mrs. Reeta Rautela (Assistant Professor and In-charge- SLA). The valuable contribution and presence of everyone involved in the entire programme was eulogized. The event was successful enough in evoking a sense of concern towards the issue of mental health among all the attendees. Everyone sat glued to the show throughout, and relished every bit of it. The interaction between the teachers and the students was very fruitful and pragmatic. All the students and the teachers looked forward to organize many such optimistic events in the coming future as well.

Workshop On Italian Pasta & Sauces

School of Hospitality Management conducted an Online Workshop on “Italian Pasta and Sauces” on 7th October, 2020.

The workshop was conducted by Chef Abhishek Maindola. The students were demonstrated cuts of vegetables, Pasta shapes and Pasta sauces. Dishes like Penne Arrabbiataand pasta in cream sauce were shown to the students. Students were given a brief idea about the key ingredients of Italian cooking and also the staple diet of the people of Italy.

The Workshop concluded with a Vote of Thanks delivered by Mr. Manish Badoni, Principal – SHM where he encouraged students to make the dishes at home.

National Elocution Competition on the topic: Änimal Slaughter: Carnage of sensual mortals.” Registration starts from 7th October 2020.

National Elocution Competition on the topic: Änimal Slaughter: Carnage of sensual mortals.” Registration starts from 7th October 2020.

REGISTRATION Prospective participants would have to register themselves by using the link provided: https://forms.gle/tyzeQfTpbNha4rvm6 This link will directly guide them towards the ‘Google Form’, asking for their required details. Also, there will be registration fees of INR 50.
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