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Corporate Resource Centre Club of UIM organized the ‘Brand War’ competition for students of Management, IT and Business studies.



The event was conducted in two rounds:

  • The first round consisted of screening round. There were above 50 students from the three streams and 20 students out of them were shortlisted.
  • The second and the final round was based on extensive study of comparative brands from diversified domains like   Samsung Apple, WhatsApp vs. Hike, Windows vs. Apple, Pepsi vs. Coca Cola, Osemite vs. Windows and BMW vs. Mercedes.

 The judgment parameters were

  • Presentation Skills
  • Content
  • Query Handling

The Jury panel comprised:  Dr. D. S. Chaubey, (Dean-Research) , Mr V.K. Tangri (In-charge – Cultural and Academic Events)  Dr. Sunil Shukla and Ms. Anchal Rana; senior faculty.

The winners from IT Team:

  • Winners: Arpit & Vipul (Hike vs. WhatsApp)
  • Runners-up: Nikhil & Deeksha (Osemite vs. Windows)

Winners from ManagementTeam

  • Winners: Ilma and Aman(Pepsi Vs. Coke),
  • Runner-up: Shivam and Saurabh (BMW vs. Mercedes)

The event was held under the supervision of:

  • Ravindra Singh Rawat President (Corporate Resource Centre-CLUB).
  • Faculty coordinators: Mr. Bipin Kandpal, Ms. Lisa Gopal, Mr. Abhishek Pathak and Shalish Chamola.
  • Student coordinators : Mayank Gusain and Shivam Singh from MBA andFrom UG classes were Ahana Roy and Vipul Negi.
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