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Uttaranchal University provides a creative platform to its students to display their creative talents in various activities with the help of Central Cultural Committee which coordinates the activities of the University Cultural Society. The Committee has member participation of faculty members and students from its constituent colleges. The objective of this Committee is to organize Inter collegiate fest “Uttaranchal Yuva Fest” every year for the participation of the students and provide them a common platform to showcase their intellectual and creative ability. Various activities are organized under the Fest which help in inculcating the spirit of team work and leadership qualities, endurance and self discipline among the students and enhance their personality.

The Committee is responsible for choosing students to participate in various literary and cultural events in various colleges and universities across India. The Committee also organizes events to search for hidden talent amongst the students in various colleges of the University.

Cultural Committee 2021-22

Name Status Contact No.
Prof. (Dr.) Bharti Ramola, Professor, SALS Chairperson 9897206569
Prof.(Dr.) Poonam Negi, Professor, SALS Member 9412972046
Dr. Reeta Rautela, Associate Professor, SLA Member 8650666615
Ms. Ravneet Kaur, Assistant Professor, LCD Member 8699618458
Dr. Vibha, Assistant Professor, LCD Member 9720813593
Ms. Ruby Pant, Assistant Professor, UIT Member 8126732364
Ms. Arti Rana, Assistant Professor, CSE, UIT Member 9897833556
Dr. Indra Rautela, Assistant Professor, SALS Member 8430633253
Ms. Jyotsna Suyal, Assistant Professor, UIPS Member 8979919358
Dr. Rachna Juyal, Assistant Professor, SOA Member 9690008623
Ms, Smriti Uniyal, Assistant Professor, SLA Member 7500461594
Mr. Anuj Kanojiya, Assistant Professor, UIT Member 8630124519
Mr. Abhishek Kumar Pathak, Assistant Professor, UIM Member Secretary 7055452916

Student Functionaries 2021-22

Naitik Bhatt BA LLB 5th Year, LCD President
Yatendra Singh B.Tech. CE 4th  Year, UIT Vice- President
Ayesha Thapa B.A. (Hons.) Psychology 3rd Year, SLA Coordinator 
Tanmoy Banerjea B.Tech. CE 3rd Year, UIT Member Secretary
Manish Baluni BBA LLB 4h Year, LCD Member
Azmeen Wason BBA LLB 4th Year, LCD Member
Shruti Tyagi B.Tech. CSE 3rd Year, UIT Member
Km. Siya B.Tech. 3rd Year CSE UIT Member
Anita BBA 3rd Year, UIM Member
Moksh  BBA  2nd Year UIM Member
Shelly Bisht B.Sc. IT 3rd Year UIM Member
Anjali Tiwari B. Pharm 3rd Year, UIPS Member
Peeyush Yadav B. Pharm 3rd  Year, UIPS Member
Clifford Chand B.Sc. (Hons.) Biotechnology 3rd Year Member
Ayushi Bhaduri B.Sc. (Hons.) Food Technology 2nd Year Member
Nishat B.Sc. Agriculture 3rd Year, SOA Member
Riya Thapa B.Sc Agriculture 2nd Year, SOA Member
Ali B.A. (Hons.) Psychology 2nd Year, SLA Member

Jhankaar :
The Dance ClubVarious clubs have been formed under the aegis of Cultural Committee of Uttaranchal University wherein Faculty Coordinators along with Student Coordinators organize varied events at college or university level. Some of the clubs are:

Sur-Taal : The Music Club
Kalakriti : The Creative Arts Club
Creations : The Creative Writing Club
Rangmanch : The Dramatics Club
Showstoppers: The Modelling Club

Functionaries : 2020-21 – Click Here

Student Coordinators – Click Here

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