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It has been very aptly said that healthy mind lives in a healthy body. The importance of physical activity cannot be undermined at any age. Students need to channelize their physical energy in productive spheres. Important life skills are imbibed on the sports field, such as, leadership qualities, teamwork and coordination.

Uttaranchal University aptly renders platforms to develop this component of students’ life. Sports facilities for badminton, football, volleyball, table tennis, basketball, cricket and hockey have been built.

The University has constituted Central Sports Committee with member participation of faculty and students from its constituent colleges. The objective of this Committee is to organize intra-university Sports Events, organize Sports Activities in the annual “Uttaranchal Yuva Fest” and facilitate participation in external events. Students participate in intra-collegiate, inter-collegiate and inter-university sports activities with great enthusiasm. The students are encouraged to participate in district level, state level, national level and international level sports events.

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