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About Law College Dehradun

Law College Dehradun, a world-class institution imparting legal education is the best and first independent Law College of Uttarakhand and one of the most sought-after destinations in the field of legal education. The college has reached its practical zenith and a top-spot, by producing a series of Judicial officers, Corporate Lawyers, Criminal Lawyers, Legal Journalists, Legal Advisors, Academicians and Researchers, Public Prosecutors, Judge Advocates in Defense forces (JAG branch), Entrepreneurs and many more. Law College Dehradun inhabiting more than 2000 students on its roll is in fact, reflective of Indian Diaspora as its composition resonates the voices of almost all the states and Union Territories of India. The college as a lex matrix and an institutional paragon provides complete legal education under a single roof which includes BA. LL.B. (Hons.), BBA.LL.B. (Hons.), LL.B. (Hons.), LL.M. and Doctoral Programme in Law. 

Being the best law college in the state of Uttarakhand, Law College Dehradun, constantly focuses on fostering inquisitive spirit and platonic-cum-epistemological quest among our students as well as research scholars. The testimony of the fact is that a number of students and faculties securing top positions in various provincial judicial services are serving as distinguished judges across the nation. To mobilize and channelize the tremendous energy of our young students in a creative direction, Law College Dehradun has a pool of student bodies which kindles the creative as well as the pro-bono spirit of the young solicitors and produce legal professionals with humanitarian propensity.

Why Law College Dehradun?

A college that has innovated Legal Education and created new career options law College Dehradun is led by men who are visionaries in every sense of the word, the curriculum has been designed to impart quality legal education and make success a byproduct. It is an institution that accommodates students from all over the country. Every year, Law College Dehradun opens its doors to innumerable students from all over the country for our various programs in the study of law.The college abounds in resources that boost up our esteem. The management of the college ensures that all resources, men and materials are harnessed to make learning an experience to treasure.The college has been consistently producing University Merit Holders since its inception. Many scholars have passed through the corridors of this college on their way to becoming a legal luminary. Our students have been known to add many chapters to their respective success stories once they leave the college and become proud alumni of the college.Our pedagogy is being constantly evolved to inculcate in our students the comprehensive knowledge of law, train them in current legal practices and ensure qualitative excellence in legal education.A good learning environment, a rich and inexhaustible source of learning material, moot court practices, guest lectures by legal experts, visits to court, seminars, presentations, debates, and organizing legal aid camps are our hall-marks.

Vision & Mission


  • To provide world-class holistic education and create ethical lawyers with excellence and integrity to serve as leaders at the local, state, national, and the global community in a compassionate demeanour and build a moral and just society.


  • Provide a robust environment for the budding lawyers to prepare and participate in experiential learning and enable their adaptability to the ever-changing legal world.
  • Endeavour to prepare individuals with sensitivity towards the societal issues, deprived and marginalized class to build an inclusive and meaningful society at large.
  • Impart comprehensive legal education through various activities and panel discussions with the leading luminaries across the nation to create future leaders with a dynamic personality to serve the society at the local and global level. .Build an inclusive environment in the campus with students from different states of the nation and sensitize the students on diverse cultures and its issues related to law and society and imbibe a pro bono attitude in the young minds.
  • Emphasis is given to innovative and vision-centered pedagogy to ensure high quality and holistic education to create practice-ready lawyers with stellar professionalism and a commitment to the service of society.

Dean’s Welcome Note

Law College Dehradun, constantly envisions to provide world-class holistic education via a diverse intellectual galaxy of faculty members converging from across the nation. The talented and energetic teaching fraternity at Law College Dehradun through their own experience and rigorous academic and research activities positions itself to be the producing hub of Judges, Judge Advocate Generals in defense force (JAGs), civil servants and entrepreneurs of national and world repute.

Law College Dehradun began its academic journey in the year 2002 and currently offers five years BA LLB (Hons) & BBA LLB (Hons), three years LLB (Hons) and one year LLM programme with specialization in Constitution and Administration. Law College Dehradun bracketed amongst the top notched colleges of the country for its institutional infrastructure, flexible academic curriculum, disciplinarian paraphernalia, socio-cultural objectives, academic-corporate interface and potential inducements for society centric academic researches and practices has more than 2000 students on its roll, resonating the voices of almost all states of India. Law College Dehradun is committed to its mission of providing a robust environment for budding lawyers to prepare and participate in experiential learning and enable their adaptability to the ever-changing legal world through the active student-centric student bodies.

I extend a warm welcome to you to explore and be a part of the remarkable legacy of achievements built at Law College Dehradun.

Prof (Dr) Rajesh Bahuguna


Distinguished Faculty Members

Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Bahuguna


Prof. (Dr.) Poonam Rawat


Prof. (Dr.) Anil Kumar Dixit


Dr. Jitendra Singh

Associate Professor

Dr. V.Bhuvaneswari

Associate Professor

Dr. Anjum Parvez

Associate Professor

Dr. Lakshmi Priya Vinjamuri

Associate Professor

Dr. Radhey Shyam Jha

Associate Professor

Dr. Vaibhav Uniyal

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sandhya Verma

Assistant Professor

Dr. Khaleeq Ahmad

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rachna Sharma

Assistant Professor

Dr. Shikha Uniyal Gairola

Assistant Professor

Dr. Manish Bharadwaj

Assistant Professor

Dr. Vibha

Assistant Professor

Dr. Deependra Nath Pathak

Assistant Professor

Visitor’s Testimonial

“Don’t leave inferences to be drawn when evidence can be presented.” -Richard Wright

Law College Dehradun endeavours to provide an educational environment wherein students can realize their full potential in their chosen discipline and achieve their tangible goals. Intending to accelerate the realization of this overarching vision the college organizes a series of events on a regular basis. This includes: Lecture Series by Legal luminaries, Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Legal Awareness Camps, National Debate Competitions, National Moot Court Competitions, MUNs, Youth Parliaments, Mega Blood Donation Camps, to name a few. These occasions are inspired by the gracious presence of renowned personalities from varied domains. Our visitor’s list is inclusive of:

  1. Legal luminaries – Judges from Apex Courts in India and abroad, Professors, Subject Experts and Senior Advocates
  2. Industrialists & Entrepreneurs – Law Firms, Corporate Entities
  3. Bureaucrats – Government officials from different departments
  4. Legislatures – Ministers, MPs and MLAs
  5. Environmentalists

Our Visitors Log encompasses explicit testimony of our guests which succinctly quantifies our commitment towards the society.


The department is in the constant process of improving its infrastructure with state-of-the-art facilities.

Moot Court:

Law College Dehradun aims at providing the students with the best possible resources in order to facilitate the students to learn and develop legal advocacy skills. The Moot Court Room is one such tool to test and harness such skills in the students.

The Moot Court Room at Law College Dehradun is symbolic of an actual courtroom and creates an ambiance of quality legal learning. The interior of the room is well equipped with public audio system and air conditions. The room has a rich aura, a well-lit appearance, and has a capacity to accommodate over 150 students in a single session. In addition to this, it has an aptly positioned witness box along with an elevated structure for the seating of the judges.

The room is utilized for courtroom exercises and also for conducting Moot Court Competitions on several occasions.

Library – LCD

The library at Law College Dehradun caters to the students and teachers specifically from this department. The library has an enormous collection of over 17500 books and volumes of journals magazines and newspapers. Currently, our library has subscriptions to a number of online databases of national and international spheres like Westlaw and Manupatra. The library can accommodate the strength on roll comfortably.

Seminar Hall

The centrally air-conditioned seminar hall has a seating capacity of 500 students equipped with modern amenities like multi-media projectors and sound systems. These facilities enable us to organize National and International events related to curriculum and extra-curricular events at ease.

Computer Centre – LCD,

The Computer Centre at Law College Dehradun is a repository of highly modernized information networks available both to the students and the faculty members for the purpose of perpetual updation, with more than 50 computers along with their installed capacities, the Centre provides an excellent platform for legal research and academic inquisitiveness.

Indoor Games Facilities

The college also provides indoor games facilities like Table Tennis Court and Badminton Courts for all-round development of students.

Our Recruiters

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