19 Years of Excellence

Law Societies

“Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, writing an exact man”

This expression of Lord Bacon is aptly applicable for the discipline of law. Apart from the course study and the norms laid down by the Bar Council of India, Law College Dehradun stretches itself beyond these barriers; care is taken to balance in-class and out-of-class life. Debates and Seminars on contemporary legal issues, Guest Lectures and participation in cultural activities are some of the co-curricular activities forming an integral part of the curriculum. The aim of such activities is to improve the students’ writing and communication skills and inculcate the ability to understand relevant issues.

Co-curricular activities help the students to build up multi-dimensional skills and nurture their inner capabilities. Being a good debater teaches a person how to face interviews, and also to develop good speaking skills. In Law College debating is pursued with great enthusiasm. Presentation of papers in Seminars helps the students to face the daunted task of public speaking. Experiences and accolades gained through many of these activities help during the internship and in dealing with clients, and even while arguing in the courts. Professional Law requires knowledge, diligence, competitive spirit, communication skills, interaction, self-discipline and self-confidence. Success in legal profession requires more than high intellect. It demands a versatile personality with good interpersonal skills and a practical hands-on approach towards legal problems.

Students’ Bodies

The co curricular component of academics is complimented by various activities organized by the College and University for the students of Law under various Student Bodies. The students are given autonomy in organization and execution of various events.

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