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Legal Aid Centre (LCDLAC)

The University has a Student Body called Law College Dehradun Legal Aid Centre (LAC), responsible for organizing Legal Awareness Camps regularly in the remote areas and villages of the state. Participation of the Panchayat representatives of the different Village Panchayats and blocks is invited. In these camps issues concerning the working of Panchayats are discussed and Panchayat Members are educated about their duties and way of functioning. LCDLAC is also responsible to coordinate with District Legal Services Authority to ensure students’ participation in Lok Adalats.

At Law College Dehradun, great emphasis is laid on efficient organization of these sessions. We have an enthusiastic participation of students, the legal fraternity and the villagers in our Legal Literacy Camps.

It also organizes Mega Blood Donation Camp every year on the occasion of ‘Law Day’ to make this day meaningful for the students.

Mega Blood Donation Camps: The Society has been honored with ‘Appreciation Letter’ by the Medical Health and Family Welfare Department of Uttarakhand twice for providing outstanding services for the society by organizing Blood Donation Camps.

Functionaries for the year 2019-20

Functionaries for the year 2018-19

Functionaries for the year 2017-18

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