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Moot Court Society (MCS)

Uttaranchal University integrates class room learning with practical learning. Legal training requires the capacity to assess the facts rationally and objectively, apply relevant principles of law and legislation and bring out reasons and arguments to justify one’s stand. We believe that real life situations of legal arena can be known only when the students equip themselves fully with the practical knowledge of law. Legal education through class room learning and moot court participation stimulates the learning zeal of students.

The Moot Court Sessions assist the students of the college to develop their faculties of rational thinking, articulation, presentation of arguments and moreover, strives to inculcate in each of the student, the spirit of professionalism, leadership and a strong desire to acquire legal knowledge.

It is practiced in different stages like analysis of the facts of a case to arrive at legal points, understand decided cases in light of the case presented in the Moot Court, preparation of the plaint, written statement, drafting written and oral arguments and conduct of the participants with opponent counselors and the bench.

Sushila Devi Memorial Moot Court Competition: The society organizes a National Moot Court Competition in the college annually.

Functionaries for the year 2019-20

Functionaries for the year 2018-19

Functionaries for the year 2017-18

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