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Vasundhara -The Green Society

“Environment is not the physical surroundings alone but the sum total of all the three components of biotic and energy components that drive the cosmic life force on our planet.”

Law College Dehradun, Uttaranchal University, in its proactive initiative, has launched Vasundhara- the Green Society, with achievable and laudable objectives in enhancing the environment holistically through its various programs involving students, faculty & society at large. The Society intends to create awareness and increase the consciousness & knowledge about the environmental issues. It aims at the creation of a Green Campus with phased initiatives involving the student community and all the stake holders making the University the first of its kind in the region to achieve environmental social responsibility. The society has a global vision with a local focus and collaborates with similar institutions to enhance efficient use of resources & sustainable development.

The above said objectives are achieved through various hands-on training programs which span over the four core areas of:

  1. Green Initiative – through the proposed and approved project on “The Campus Green Cover of Uttaranchal University-Census and Species Diversity”
  2. Sanitation and Hygiene
  3. Plantation and Farming
  4. Wildlife Conservation

The society aims to provide training, promote research development and create awareness on environment & the need for its protection & conservation through various environmental education programmes that include the following activities:

  1. Organization of Conferences
  2. Organization of Workshops
  3. Publication of information of Green Face through our magazine / newsletter
  4. Training amateurs in EIA/other activities
  5. Working on projects for empirical data


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