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Youth Parliament Society (YPS)

Transcendence and continuity, hierarchy and collectivism, the characteristic elements of our thousand year old ‘tradition’, are the fundamentals of our socio-political psyche. Youth Parliament Society of the college is an innovative platform to hone the public speaking and argumentative skills of the students by discussing matters that concern the youth of our nation. We, the future custodians of this rich heritage, living in this modern age realize to fullest extent the need of imbibing the modern values both political as well as social. The formation of Youth Parliament is an earnest endeavor to inculcate the essentials of liberty, equality and fraternity in ourselves and the youth in general.

To fulfill such objectives, Youth Parliament Society of Law College Dehradun initiated a platform to discuss forums that simulate real Indian Governmental Bodies and discuss relevant issues within their ambit. Consequently, they provide students with the skills for driving home their creative ideas and for finding solutions to the problems that plague the nation.

Functionaries for the year 2019-20

Functionaries for the year 2018-19

Functionaries for the year 2017-18

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