19 Years of Excellence

Vision & Mission


To create centre of excellence in the field of legal education and research, with social responsibility to reach out to the disadvantaged sections of the society through our legal service programs.

We aspire to promote multi-disciplinary inquiry and create in our students the practical appreciation of the socio-legal problems facing the country. We will also endeavor persistently to work towards developing our intellectual assets, the faculty, by exposing them to global legal practices which will ultimately create an impact in their teaching pedagogy.


The mission of Law College Dehradun is to create lawyers and legal professionals, who are well versed in national and trans-national legal systems. The emerging technologies have changed the laws governing communication and intellectual property rights.

Modern lawyers are expected to remain in the know-how of these changes and acquire proficiency in these practices. It is our commitment to produce legal eagles who would add new dimensions to legal profession and contribute significantly towards the social equity and making legal practice value based.

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