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About Uttaranchal Institute of Management

UIM has been at the forefront of providing quality education in Management and commerce. The Institute has been set up to create management professionals who can dynamically explore the new avenues of entrepreneurial and management heights.

University Management and Business Study Programmes are value-driven and industry-need centric. They are specifically designed to meet corporate requirements. In the programme curriculum, the students get the experience of a true blend of academic excellence and the application of management practices. Students are encouraged to encompass in their studies, the integrative process of business and management practices.

Today, UIM is leading the way in offering excellent educational facilities, faculty with impeccable academic credentials, and a plethora of programmes to choose from. It is a much sought-after Institute for management studies and widely acclaimed for its sound placement record. We have collaborations with the premier corporate houses for the internship, summer training, and recruitment of our students. Our research programmes are highly innovative and relevant to the existing management practices, apt for developing managerial expertise, innovative trends and aid in developing a highly effective management think-tank.

Why Uttaranchal Institute of Management?

  • Uttaranchal Institute of Management is already a niche centre of learning.
  • Our Management and Commerce courses are value-driven and industry-need centric.
  • We possess academic strength through our faculty with proven academic and industry credentials.
  • We instill zest for excellence among our students and create an environment for them to encompass the comprehensive qualities of leadership, team work and global vision.
  • The institute continuously evolves its methodology to make it industry-compliant.
  • Our experience in running multi-disciplinary courses has given us an edge over others to translate our experience into conspicuous benefits for our students.
  • We provide our students a wide variety of study programs of both long and short duration to choose from.
  • We provide a balanced combination of academic and practical, business oriented content.
  • We have collaborations with the premier corporate houses for the recruitment of our students.
  • The activities undertaken in the institute go a long way in developing an all-round personality of the students that make them confident, communicative and ready to face the challenges of the world.
  • Our research programs are not only highly innovative, but also relevant to the existing Management and IT practices.

Vision & Mission


  • Our vision is to foster a high-quality education in Management and Commerce that would generate efficient Human Resource fully conversant with complexities of the modern business world with high degree of productivity and proficiency by developing their innate skills required for corporate as well as research and influence them for value-based growth for the development of the society.


  • Our aim is to provide high quality education content in Management & Commerce.
  • Our purpose is to develop students with a high degree of skills and creativity.
  • Our attempt is to go from strength to strength in the development of multi-disciplinary study programs.
  • Our goal is to promote the research in the field of Management and Commerce.
  • Our aim is to nurture leaders who can explore the new avenues of entrepreneurship.
  • Our effort is to involve students, alumni and local community by sharing educational, recreational and cultural resources of the campus to provide new experience, ways and means to promote health, fitness and ethical living.

Dean’s Welcome Note

Learning in Practice

Uttaranchal Institute of Management is a flagship institution of Uttaranchal University, carefully crafted to help you expand your leadership skills and professional competencies. Our approach to teaching and learning allows you to customize your learning experience in the domain of leadership, innovation, negotiation and strategy. By becoming a part of us, you’ll gain vast exposure to the rare insight, knowledge, and expertise needed to meet your personal and professional goals.

We invite students to join our programmes of leadership practice wrapped up in real-world challenges under the guidance of a diverse community of faculties and colleagues talented in academia, with high moral beliefs, and strong industrial backgrounds. In UIM, you will experience an intense period of personal and professional transformation that prepares you to face challenges in any functional sphere and any part of the world. Here, each day we try to answer one question: “What will you do?” because that’s the truest way to train our students for the larger question of their life that matters most, even beyond the campus: “What difference will you make in the world?”

Students come and join us for a grand rendezvous to take you places in your life.

Prof (Dr) Pradeep Suri

Profile – Click Here 

Industry-Academic Collaborations


Distinguished Faculty Members

Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep Suri


Dr. Babita Rawat

Associate Professor

Dr. Deepti Sharma

Associate Professor

Dr. Archana Saxena

Associate Professor

Dr. Megha Aggarwal

Associate Professor

Dr. Rajeev Kumar

Associate Professor

Dr. Shailesh Chamola

Assistant Professor

Dr. Deepa Bisht

Assistant Professor

Dr. Shagun Tyagi

Assistant Professor

Dr. Nabila Ansari

Assistant Professor

Dr. Tarunpreet Kaur Ahuja

Assistant Professor

Dr. Mohd. Amir

Assistant Professor

Clubs and Societies

UIM believes in ‘Learning with Fun’. Therefore, it has a number of clubs which frequently conduct activities to give students a break from the monotony of class room learning and continue learning with fun. These clubs are supervised by faculty but for the organization of activities the students take the lead. This develops the organization and team-work skills of the students. The constituent Departments of Uttaranchal Institute of Management have the following Clubs:


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