Codex Club

Codex Club was created as a platform to help programmers make it big in the world of algorithms, computer programming contests. The aim of this club is to establish a coding culture on campus and reaching every student passionate about coding, inclusive of competitive coding on recent trends using open-source programming, web development, mobile app and a whole lot of other domains.

Codex Club focus on the overall development of the students, it also enables the team spirit among the students. Students solve various real-life problems with the help of latest technologies available in the IT industry.


    • To build-up the logical and analytical skills of the students through organizing various IT activities
    • Club is dedicated to enhance the team work among the students from different course 
    • To prepare them for the various technical interviews
    • To make them ready  for  IT industry challenges
    • To enhance the latest trends and technology skills into the students  

List of Faculty Members

Sn Name Designation Mobile No Email-ID
1 Ishteyaaq Ahmed Head 9760306690 [email protected]
2 Vijaylakshmi Sajwan Member 9410787366 [email protected]
3 Dr. Monish Awasthi Member 9927937837 [email protected]
4 Mr. Deepak Tyagi Member 9582789928 [email protected]
5 Dr. Sunil Shukla Member 9756483083 [email protected]

List of Student Members

SN Name Program /Year Designation Mobile No Email-ID
1 Sunny Rai BScIT-II Member 9667476939 [email protected]
2 Shivani Mishra BScIT-VI Member 8941079260 [email protected]
3 Arpit Narayan BCA-IV Member 8393955421 [email protected]
4 Abhishek Jethi BCA IV Member 8755327287 [email protected]
5 Ankit Kumar BCA IV Member 9084511534 [email protected]
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