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The essence of finance and its analysis is learnt by application, the hands-on learning which gets engrained in the students’ skill set for the life time. It’s hence the endeavor of the club to harness the talent of Uttaranchal University in the financial aspects of management, in a composite manner by combining the faculty and the students focus for the mutual benefit of the tripartite synergy (faculty, students and the corporate).

The club not only educates the students but also reaches out to industry veterans and has periodic speaker sessions to expose students to the various practical aspects of finance. Additionally, the club organizes various case competitions and events that further drive the interest of the cohort towards finance and its real-world implications.

Our objective at the Finance Club is to evolve each student through practical experience to understand the application of theory to practice. The objective is to make the students understand the dynamic financial environment by providing deeper market insights and understanding of the business environment.

List of Faculty Members

Sn Name Designation Mobile No Email-ID
1 MS. NEETI MISRA Head 9808470881 [email protected]
2 DR. SHAGUN TYAGI Member 8755386068 [email protected]
3 DR. KARAN OBEROI Member 8755808285 [email protected]

List of Student Members

Sn Name Program /Year Designation Mobile No Email-ID
1 Adidevam Dhyani MBA II B Member  8954403626 [email protected]
2  Partul Kumar Rai MBA II A Member  8287604177 [email protected]
3  Nitish Kumar B.Com (H)  IV -A Member  8349339229 [email protected]
4  Aarti Jangra B.Com (H)  IV -A Member  8708240131 [email protected]
5  Ujjwal Sharma BBA-II E Member  6207879320  ujjwal [email protected]
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