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Globe Club (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment)

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Globe Club (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment), under the aegis of Uttaranchal University (UIM), is a best combination of faculty and students where both combine together to perform various activities to save the environment and achieve much more than an individual can. It also plays an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generation for sustainable use of resources. It also clutches the feeling of care and share that creates positive bonding among different level of minds working together in a group.

The main objectives of the club are as under

  • Motivating students to keep their surroundings green and clean.
  • Motivate students to imbibe habits and life style for minimum waste generation.
  • Educate students to create awareness amongst public to conserve and sustain the natural resources.
  • To develop the ability to think and to create something useful out of waste material.
  • To explore the environmental concepts and actions which are beyond the curriculum.

Function of GLOBE Club:

  • Lots of activities are designed under the club. For few of them are summarized here as examples
  • Collecting and distributing of old clothes from the campus of University to the cloth bank of their NGO time to time and to underprivileged member of our society.
  • Celebrations of Environment days throughout the years such as Earth Day, Wild life week, Ozone Day, World AIDS Day, Environment Day etc. so as to create enthusiasm regarding issues pertaining to Plants/Forest/Wildlife/Bio-diversity and Nature.
  • The students will be exposed to field activities such as Nature Trails, slums, industries visits etc
    Awareness programmes like Quiz, essay, debate, painting, Rally, Campaigns, Mock, training programmes, slogan and poster competitions regarding various environmental issues .


S.No Name of Faculty Designation Email
1. Mr.Rohit Dhiman Assistant Professor [email protected]
2. Dr. Mayank Pant Associate Professor [email protected]
3. Ms.Anu  Sayal Assistant Professor [email protected]
4. Dr..Sangeeta Sundriyal Assistant Professor [email protected]
5. Dr Monisha Awasthi Associate Professor [email protected]


S.No Name of Student Program Year/Sem
1 Ms.Vandana Gulati B.Com (Hons) III rd year
2 Ms.Saumya Suyal B.Com (Hons) III rd year
3 Ms.Soumya Shukla B.Com (Hons) III rd year
4 Ms.Prateek Rawat BCA II nd Year
5 Mr.Deepak Gariya BCA II nd Year
6 Ms.Pooja Roy B.Com (Hons) III rd year
7 Mr.Ankit Kumar BBA Ist Year
8 Mr.Harshit Kumar B.Com (Hons) III rd year
9 Ms.Vaishali Dani B.Com (Hons) III rd year
10 Ms.Ajeet Pratap Singh BBA Ist Year

You might have seen trucks driving through neighborhoods or containers set up in shopping center and/or parking lots to collect old clothes. There is lot of importance associated to donating clothes versus simply throwing them away. The best types of clothes to donate are ones that aren’t damaged; they are simply items you haven’t worn in months, years or so. You can put them to better use than as closet fixtures.

The Globe Club of Uttaranchal University has been successfully organizing the donation drive of leftover, extra surplus clothes with students, faculty and staff members with the name “EK KAPDA DAAN”. Under this pennant each and everyone contributes at least one cloth (in the form of shirts/trousers/socks/jackets/saaris/suits/baby dresses/ bed sheets/blankets and many more). For the smooth functioning and effective implementation Uttaranchal University has signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Youth Wing of Shri Nityanand Swami Jan Seva Samity, Dehradun.

Objectives of donating clothes

  • This activity would really helpful for the people who Can’t Afford Clothes
  • In the future by adopting concept like this, the  students of Uttaranchal University would also help the  Disaster Victims
  • Activities like this will definitely Helps the Environment by adopting 3Rs formula of Recycling, Reuse and Reduce. If people use clothing instead of new, fewer new clothes need to be made. This saves the resources used to create new textiles. For example, the polyester fiber production process puts a strain on the environment.
  • It will also Keeps Your House Organized as Living in a state of chaos and clutter, creates frustration and restlessness.
  • It also Improves Emotional health and wake the feeling of kindness among students.

The activity has been perpetual for 3 years. Uttaranchal Institute of Management has zestfully led six events under “EK KAPDA DAAN” donation drive.

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