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The beautiful quote by Benjamin Franklin tenaciously aggrandizes the need to cogitate beyond the periphery of scholarly scripts pertaining to all academic disciplines. The ESEMPLASTIC HR Club of Uttaranchal Institute of Management, under the aegis of Uttaranchal University, embellishes this expression prolifically by encapsulating the expanse of both domain-knowledge as well as creatively crocheted galore of activities for its students with the sacrosanct objective of inculcating all essential skill-sets required by them to enter as novices and rise as polished professionals in the field of human resources management.

The main objective of the HR Club “ESEMPLAST” is to inculcate knowledge and insight and to bring together the students in the field of Human Resource Management. A plethora of activities ranging from ‘Role Play’, ‘Sensitization Training’, ‘In basket Training’, ‘T-Group Training’ and ‘Simulation Games’ etc. are regularly organized to develop personality, leadership skills, and behavioural skills among the students. The main aim is to develop them as a potential professionals as per industry requirement ready to meet the organizational challenges.

List of Faculty Members

Sn Name Designation Mobile No
 1.  Ms Sanyukta Chhibber Head  9997560550
 2.  Ms Namrata Meharwal Member  9536516479
 3. Dr Shailesh Chamola Member  9411533329

List of Student Members

Sn Name Program /Year Designation Mobile No
 1. Bharat Negi BBA IV Member  7078488386
 2. Jyotika Negi MBA II Member 9968302652
 3. Shruti Garg BBA II Member 7466946606
 4. Rohit Bisht  BBA IV Member 8816962701
 5. Prakash Sindhwal MBA II Member 7838453308
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