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You can choose your learning experience by selecting programs that address competencies specific to your development goals. We facilitate and encourage you to connect with your peers, think creatively, solve problems and spot the opportunities for an individual’s enhancement. You’ll learn to trust your own judgment and achieve the best.

Our collaborative and creative learning experience brings forth our community to you. You’ll develop the technical, analytical and Decision-making expertise that you need along with the critical interpersonal skills you require to progress in global organizations.

With your ambitions in mind, we offer a combination of project-based assignments, comprehensive mentor support and the opportunities and challenges you need to reveal your leadership potential and entrepreneurial flair.

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We have the following clubs in our institute to take care of different activities as allocated to each of them:

Finance Club – The Finance Club of UIM is a Student-driven initiative that aims to improve the quantitative and analytical abilities of students by bringing together, leaders from the corporate world and academia. The objective is to make the students understand the dynamic financial environment by providing deeper market insights and understanding of the business environment. The club organizes activities to assist the pupils in evaluating careers in finance and identifying current career opportunities. It aims to provide practical finance education with job-specific knowledge and connect members with alumni and other finance professionals. Some of the popular activities of the club include ‘Talks on Industry’ by experts, ‘Workshops’, ‘Seminars’ ‘Informational Sessions on Career Options in Companies’, ‘Virtual Stock Trading’ and various ‘Quiz Competitions’ etc.

Marketing Club – The Marketing Club aims to develop and prepare our students for a career in Marketing. We focus to provide them with the knowledge, skills, and enhancement needed to become Leaders in Marketing.  The Marketing Club offers students opportunities to engage in marketing-related activities such as ‘Ad Mad Show’, ‘Short Selling Ideas’, ‘Logo and Taglines Redesign Competitions’, ‘Guest Lectures’ by some of the eminent marketing personalities from the industry thus enhancing their teamwork skills, communication skills, knowledge and the practical aspects of marketing  and  raise  their employability. The club focuses on providing its members with a vital platform to showcase their talents, learn from doing and share the best ideas with club members, thus, enriching themselves with the latest knowledge of the market.

HR (Human Resource) Club – The main objective of the HR Club “Vyavhaar” is to inculcate knowledge and insight and to bring together the students in the field of Human Resource Management. A plethora of activities (ranging from ‘Role Play’, ‘Sensitization Training’, ‘In basket Training’, ‘T-Group Training’ and ‘Simulation Games’ etc.) are regularly organized to develop personality, leadership skills, and the behavioral skills among the students. The main aim is to develop them as potential professionals as per industry requirements, ready to meet the organizational challenges.

The following clubs are common to Management and Computer Applications Department:

Corporate Resource Centre (CRC) Club – The purpose of the CRC Club is to create an interface between academics and industry to narrow down the gaps existing between the two. Creating and developing links with the industry and professionals is the core objective of CRC apart from facilitating the  experiential learning of the students. The club consistently works to organize Industrial Visits, Guest Lectures, Seminars  and Mock Interview Sessions that prepare the students for industry. It also follows market intelligence as a tool to hunt for novel ideas for the conduct of corporate-oriented activities in the academic premises.

Cultural Club – Cultural Club of UIM is the key body to organize all the cultural events in the Institute. Participation in cultural activities results in enhancement of the personal skills and flairs like self-confidence, self-presentation, teamwork, time management, organizational skills, self-awareness, self-discipline, communication skills,  open-mindedness to move beyond boundaries and experiment with different ideas, the ability to view the brighter side of criticism and utilize it for Self-improvement which results in  an altogether newer self. It is comprised of diverse sections that take care of the various fields of cultural events. Cultural events include competitions such as ‘Instrumental and Vocal Music’, ‘Dance Performances’, ‘Fashion Shows’, ‘Theatre’, ‘Literary Skills’, ‘Sketching’ and  other ‘Fine Arts’. It strives to draw out the latent talents of the students.

Sports Club – We, at Uttaranchal Institute of Management, under the aegis of Uttaranchal University, organize a series of sports events in order to give a platform to our students where they can showcase their talent in the realm of sports apart from academics. The Sports Club of UIM picks raw talent for grooming and trains it for the State and National Level Competitions. Basic infrastructural facilities are provided at the University Level for the students with a view to hone their skills.

Globe Club (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) – GLOBE Club of Uttaranchal Institute of Management (UIM) is the best combination of faculty and students where both come together to perform various activities to save the environment. It also plays an important role in creating environmental awareness in the future generation for sustainable use of resources. It also clutches the feeling of care and share that creates positive bonding among varied individuals working in a group.

Vision and Mission of the Department


Our vision is to foster a high-quality Management education that would generate efficient human resources, fully conversant with the complexities of the modern business world.

To develop a Centre of Excellence for Management as well as research at par with national and international standards.


  • To provide high quality education in the field of Management.
  • To enhance the skill of the students and promote their management traits.
  • To involve students, alumni and the local community by sharing educational, recreational and cultural resources of the campus to provide a new experience, ways and means to promote health, fitness and ethical living.
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