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Department of Aerospace Engineering: An Overview

The advent of 21st century has seen the flight of commercial spacecraft carrying humans to space and beyond, drones delivering shopping packages, and air taxis transporting passengers through high rises of metropolitans. Human kind has always been fascinated with the vastness of the sky and the stars above. Despite recent progress in Aerospace engineering, the dreams to higher and faster, to traverse and unravels the secrets of this universe has been a never-ending one. Future aerospace engineers will make intercontinental travel possible within hours with successful commercial hypersonic flights. People in India will go to the US and return home the same day. The world will truly become a global village with people connected like never before. The summer vacations will be spent in space or a distant planet. People will not get stuck in cluttered traffic to reach airports, flying cars will make it easier and faster. Before the advent of the 22nd century, some of our descendants will decide to settle on Mars. But for all these humans’ dreams to be realized in a near future, we will need efficient, innovative and industrious Aerospace engineers, who can rise to the occasion and revolutionize the field of Aeronautics and Astronautics in more ways than one. Our country cannot lag in this illustrious journey and thus Uttaranchal University has decided to provide the state-of-the-art technological know-how of Aerospace Engineering to the aspiring youth of India and beyond.

Aerospace is a branch of engineering that involves the science, design, and manufacturing of Aircrafts, Rockets and Spacecraft. The world of Aerospace engineering today is involved in the design of reusable spacecraft and rockets for space exploration, hypersonic transport aircraft for faster travel, drones of multidisciplinary applications including military applications, glide and cruise capable hypersonic missiles, stealthy reconnaissance and fighter aircrafts and many more. The B.Tech. in Aerospace Engineering program is meant to create industry-ready professionals by training students on varied technical fields of aerospace engineering involving design, analysis, maintenance, process engineering, and manufacturing of aircrafts, rockets, missiles, spacecraft, helicopters satellites and drones.

Vision and Mission of the Department


To establish itself as a cradle of excellence and creativity in the field of aerospace engineering education by providing an environment of research and innovation with emphasis on ethics and social responsibility for national and global needs.


  • The department aims in dissemination of knowledge to develop professionals who can handle challenges in the field of aerospace engineering and allied domains.
  • To promote research, innovation and creative approach in Students for the well-being of society.
  • To develop the linkages with all stake holders and to organize seminars, conferences, SDP and FDP for continuous improvement in academics and allied areas.
  • To inculcate ethical values and develop innovative ideas, to meet the social and environmental issues through industry-Academia interaction and interdisciplinary research.
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