Department of Biotechnology


The Department of Biotechnology is offering three years B.Sc.(Hons), Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology. Science of Biotechnology studies shows how Biology can be used with technology to create different forms and systems to secure maximum benefit for living organism. This science consists of using living cells and bacteria in the industrial process. Biotechnology is interdisciplinary because it studies Microbiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Immunology, Virology, Genetics Engineering and Food Technology. The course also involves the study of agriculture science, health and medicine, soil science and soil conservation, cell Biology, cropping system and crop management, plant physiology, ecology, bio-statistics, seed technology, etc. Biotechnology is highly research –oriented subject. The three years under graduate degree course involves the study of application of biological organisms, systems or processes to manufacturing industries.


Biotechnology labs are well equipped with state- of -art facilities to support quality learning and advanced research. The laboratories have   been set up to support quality learning and advance research.

The Biotechnology labs are fitted with the following equipment:

Laminar air flow: It prevents contamination of biological samples. This is used for applications such as tissue culture, media preparation, sterile handling, PCR sample preparation and many more.

Incubator: It is an apparatus in which environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity, can be controlled, often used for growing bacterial culture or providing suitable conditions for chemical or biological reactions

Microwave: It is used for the preparation of various types of nutrient media.

Autoclave: it sterilizes the culture media and glassware.

Colony counter: It is an instrument designed to conveniently count the colonies of microorganisms on a plate containing a gelled growth medium.

Gel electrophoresis: It is used for separating protein molecules of varying sizes in a mixture by moving them through a block of gel by means of an electric field.

Career Options:

Biotechnology industry is growing at a rapid rate and there is large number of opportunities available in organizations dealing with health services, pharmaceutical companies, and conservation organizations horticultural and agricultural industry, environmental safety organizations, forensic labs, hospitals and medical laboratories. A candidate with a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology can have a lucrative career as Research Scientist, Production in-charge in the Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry, Quality Control Officer, Analyst and Environmental Safety Specialist.


  • 10+2 examination with PCB/PCM/Biotechnology or equivalent.
  • Minimum 50% marks for general category (45% in case of SC/ST category)

Admission Procedure

  • Admission is based on merit computed on the basis of marks secured in qualifying examination.
  • University also conducts Personal interviews before admitting the eligible candidates.