Nirmaan Club

A student’s extracurricular and soft skill developments are just as vital as his/her academic development for the holistic development of the student. The concepts learnt in the class needs to be reinforced by various activities. Keeping this in mind, the Department of Civil Engineering established the “NIRMAAN” club.

The Nirmaan club enables and encourages the students to work with one another and explore civil engineering through activities such as competitions, workshops, seminars etc. The objectives of the club are:

  1. To impart skills related to inception, formulation, development and execution of an idea
  2. To teach students to work in a team and tackle complex problems
  3. Time management
  4. To enhance drawing and model making skills
  5. To become familiar with real-life situations and to devise solutions to them
  6. To raise awareness and encourage the students to strive for a better future

Quiz competitions, model making competitions, drawing competitions, workshops, seminars and many other activities are being organized by the department for overall development of the students.

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