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C/C++ Lab: This lab is accessed by the first and second-year students to sharpen their skills of C and C+ language. This lab lays the foundation of programming. C/C+ Lab is one of the fundamental programming labs of the program. Students use the industry-oriented compiler to learn the concepts of C and C++ Language.

Communication Lab: Besides becoming proficient in technical language and programming, it is necessary to have effective communication for a professional. This lab serves the stated purpose with modern communication tools and softwares.

Web Technology Lab:  This lab helps students to become proficient in Web development tools such as HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, ASP, AngularJS, PHP. these tools and platforms are essential for effective web development and the creation of heterogeneous web applications.

Data Structure Lab: The study of data structures is mandatory for every computer science student and knowledge of data structures is required to develop the varied software; system as well as application. This lab helps the students to acquire the skills to recognize the nature of algorithms and programming models.

Computer Network Lab: This lab provides hands-on training on design, modelling, troubleshooting and assessment of different computer networks. The lab is composed of state of art tools and hardware for a better understanding of layered networks and their protocols. 

Python Lab: Python is a leading scripting programming language that is widely used for the development of software products as well as for extensive research projects. Students learn the fundamental and advanced concepts of python for different domains with the help of hands-on learning of python in this lab.

DBMS Lab: this lab is designed to understand the structured query language and underlying concepts of databases. With the knowledge acquired by doing exercises of SQL and PL-SQL, students can create, design and analyse the databases. 

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