19 Years of Excellence

Infrastructure – IT

C Programming Laboratory

The C Programming Laboratory offers a wide range of programming IDE’s and Compilers such as GNU C Compiler and Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler along with other traditional compilers and tools which give the students a chance to implement their skills on an industry level environment.

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

The AI Laboratory offers the most appropriate software for the study of Artificial Neural Networks along with tools for Natural Language Processing.

Sun Java Laboratory

The Java Laboratory consists of cloud based systems back ended by SUN Microsystems which offers the students a great coding and development platform.

Network Laboratory

The current focus of this laboratory is on hardware and software developments in the areas of cryptology, computer system security, and network security.

Graphics Laboratory

This laboratory offers the students an intuitive environment for graphics processing.

Project Laboratory

A real engineer is not the one who has theoretical knowledge but is the one who knows to implement his knowledge practically. The laboratory has adequate number of software’s that deal with development of a wide range of application software.

Unix Laboratory

The UNIX Laboratory offers the students a wide range of UNIX like operating systems such as Open Suse, RedHat,Ubuntu etc.

Oracle Laboratory

The Oracle Laboratory offers a good platform to learn about the various database connections and DBMS and their integrations with programming languages.

Seminar Hall

The department has a Seminar Hall with a sitting capacity of 120, housed in the spacious building constructed for all IT-based departments.
The Seminar Hall is equipped with state-of-the -art audio visual aids and is used by the students to present their reports & projects and organize & participate in Seminars.The Seminar Hall is also useful for organizing Expert Lectures, Workshops and Training Programmes.

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