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Infrastructure – CSE

Computing Systems Laboratory

Computing Systems Laboratory is a supplement to the Software Laboratory. It also hosts many FPGA-based design kits.

 Embedded Systems Laboratory

Embedded Systems Laboratory is geared to research in hardware design of cryptographic, networking and security protocols.

 Hardware Laboratory

The department has a state-of-the-art Hardware Laboratory which supports a large number of undergraduate laboratory courses on computer organization and architecture.

 Networks Laboratory

The current focus of this laboratory is on hardware and software development in the areas of cryptology, computer system security, and network security.

 Software Laboratory

The Software Laboratory has a large number of servers and workstations like Intel, Sun, IBM, DEC, HP and Compaq and runs on various OS’s such as Solaris, AIX, Linux, Ultrix, and Windows. A large number of PC’s and IBM thin clients provide access to the servers. All machines are connected to the Gigabit Ethernet backbone, which is connected by one 2 Mbps and one 5 Mbps link to the Internet. The Software Lab is open nearly 24 hours a day for student/faculty access and is managed by experienced and dedicated staff.

 Research Laboratory

The Research Laboratory aims for intelligent internet research. Our goal is to develop cutting-edge computer technologies, patents and products. We are focusing on how to make the Internet more intelligent through:

  • Advanced Web architectures for content-cognizant information dissemination
  • Advanced Web architectures to support the spontaneous formation of communities
  • Integration between computational linguistics and statistical pattern recognition

 Project Laboratory

A real engineer is not the one who has theoretical knowledge but is the one who knows how to implement his knowledge practically. The Project Laboratory has adequate number of software that deal with the development of a wide range of application software.

 Database Laboratory

Database Laboratory helps in giving an insight into database handling. The lab has sufficient resources that help the students in developing database applications.

 Web Tech. Laboratory

In Web Tech. Laboratory the students are guided to make their own web based project under the guidance of the faculty. They are provided with adequate resources and components.

Seminar Hall

The department has a Seminar Hall with a sitting capacity of 120, housed in the spacious building constructed for all IT-based departments.
The Seminar Hall is equipped with state-of-the -art audio visual aids and is used by the students to present their reports & projects and organize & participate in Seminars.The Seminar Hall is also useful for organizing Expert Lectures, Workshops and Training Programmes.

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