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Department of Humanities is inter–disciplinary in orientation

The Department of Humanities aims to meet and extend the intellectual challenges projected in the charter of the University. At the same time, we remain conscious of our special obligations to address the social needs of India.

At present, the department deals with the following subjects:

  • Basic Technical Communication Skills
  • Advance Technical Communication Skills
  • Comprehension & Communication Skills in English
  • Communication Skills & Personality Development
  • English Communication
  • Communication Skills
  • Engineering Economics
  • Principles of Management
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology
  • Agricultural Marketing & International Trade
  • Agricultural Finance & Cooperation
  • Agri-Business Management
  • Farm Management & Natural Resource Economics
  • Forest Economics
  • Forest Production Economics & Marketing

The subjects taught by the department aim at making science and technology students aware of the various issues concerning man and society. They are meant to sensitize students to the broader social, cultural, economic, ethical and humane issues involved in social change. The faculty teaches a wide spectrum of courses at undergraduate level.

The ‘Communication Skills’ course is one such example of our efforts to foster social and intellectual self-confidence in our students. The teaching method is lecture based and language lab-oriented. There is a constant interaction between faculty and students in the form of soft–skills training, group discussion, role play, teaching interview skills and honing speaking skills of the students.


  • Overall objective is to strengthen the uniquely inter-disciplinary nature of the Department.
  • To contribute significantly in improving the communication skills of the students and building their self-confidence in facing the professional challenges with positive bent of mind and the ability to communicate well. This is likely to be of great importance in a rapidly changing world where the nature of knowledge has been transformed almost beyond recognition.
  • To contribute to the profile of students at Uttaranchal University.
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