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This department is fully equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, test equipments and test benches. All the laboratories have highly sophisticated software to impart to the students real time appreciation of the emerging technologies in the field of communication. It also gives them hands-on experience in using latest microprocessor based test equipment and modern test benches.

The department has the following laboratories with the latest equipments:

Analog Electronics Laboratory

This laboratory facilitates demonstration of the concepts of basic electronics, solid state devices and linear IC’s applications. The laboratory is equipped with varied types of CRO’s, Function Generator and Multimeter to study functional characteristics and circuit applications like rectifier, amplifier, push-pull configurations and oscillators.

Digital Electronics Laboratory

Bread boards are used to demonstrate fundamentals of digital electronics circuits beside this, ready to use multiplexers/ de-multiplexers, flip-flops, counters, coders and de-coders are also available for turnkey solution of digital world. This laboratory is also equipped with trainer boards, digital IC Testers, Shift Registers, Adders, ADC/ DAC Convertors.

Communication Laboratory

Advanced Digital Communication Trainer Boards are used to perform various types of modulation techniques ASK/FSK/PSK. Trainers on Sampling and reconstructions of signals, pulse code modulation, Delta & ADPCM modulation are available. It also facilitates in-depth experimentation on analog modulation, i.e., AM/FM/PM/SSB/DSB-SC, study of important characteristics of super heterodyne receiver, i.e., sensitivity, selectivity and fidelity, study of error detection & correction codes and noise calculations.

Fiber Optics Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with the latest equipments required to set up analog and digital link and measure various types of fiber losses. It also facilitates attenuation measurement and communication through fiber optics cable, link budgeting etc.

Instrumentation Laboratory

This laboratory has various equipments that help the students to get a better understanding of process control industries, like Transducers, RTD demonstration kits, and various ac and dc bridges, LVDT etc.

Microprocessors Laboratory

Study on 8085 and 8086 microprocessor, ATMEL, PIC , 8051 microcontrollers, their hardware construction and configuration of various logic gates, CPU, Memories types, instruction set and programming are carried out in this laboratory. Kits like DMA controller, temperature measurement, and traffic light controller are also available.

Microwave Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with latest test benches to conduct microwave experiments X-band   (8-12 GHz) using reflex klystron, Gunn Diodes, Slotted lines, Directional Coupler, isolators, crystal detectors, Attenuators, phase shifters, matched terminations and loads etc. Power meter, VSWR meter, CROs, Frequency meter are used in performing the experiment on antenna and radiation pattern, frequency and wavelength measurements.

DSP Laboratory

This laboratory has up-to-date resources to understand processing of digital signals using different mathematical tools, different types of filters and their characteristics, generation of various types of digital signals, the operations performed on them for utilization in real world of electronics using MATLAB and DSP 2.0 Kits along with associated software.

PCB Design Laboratory

This laboratory offers facilities to develop printed circuit board design to be used during minor and major projects in the domain of electronics engineering.
The laboratory has transformer winding machine, drafting kits, UV Exposer , PCB drilling, etching and soldering machines on PCB’s . The laboratory is equipped with CRO’s, P-Spice, ORCAD & Multisim software.

Project Laboratory

To carry out and develop projects in lab itself, under the guidance and constant supervision of experienced faculty members, this laboratory consists of computers, electronic equipments with latest software like NS2, MATLAB, Simulink, LAB VIEW, Ana soft HFSS, IDL, Java, C++ and other research tools and test equipments required to develop hardware and software on wireless like OMNET++, OPNET, CDMA, XILINX, VLSI design and SCADA.

Computing Laboratory

The Computing Laboratory is equipped with computers installed with latest software like NS2, MATLAB and Simulink. The lab has 24 hour high speed internet facility. Software like LAB VIEW, Ana soft HFSS, IDL, Java and C++ are also available for the use of students and faculty.

Seminar Hall

The Department has a Seminar Hall built specifically for the purpose of holding seminars, power-point presentations and workshops. This hall has a sitting capacity of over 150 and is housed in a spacious building fitted with state-of-the-art audio visual aids.

The seminar Hall is also useful for organizing expert lectures, training programmes and holding pre-placement talks.

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