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The Department comprises the state-of-the-art laboratories that are well equipped with the most sophisticated instruments. Its mission is to produce the highest quality of graduates to serve the society and to conduct cutting-edge research.

The department has the following laboratories with the latest equipments:

Geology Laboratory

This laboratory develops an insight about the classification and properties of rocks and minerals. It also provides a clear knowledge of the geographical conditions of our country. It has a large collection of samples of various rocks and minerals and models of folds, faults, contours, maps and tectonic charts. Equipments like Pycnometer and Celestial Globe, Earth Boundary Layers are also available.

Petroleum Products Testing Laboratory

Petroleum Products Testing Laboratory provides academic and research services and facilitates all the laboratory tests required for the study and characterization of various petroleum products. The laboratory is equipped with conventional and modern equipments such as Pensky Martens Flash Point Determining Apparatus, Abel’s Flash Point Tester, Cloud and Pour Point Determining Apparatus, Redwood Viscometer, Copper Strip Corrosion Test Apparatus and RVP Apparatus.

The laboratory undertakes testing of various types of petroleum products, coolants, solid and liquid fuels. It is well equipped with sophisticated and versatile analytical instruments for various analytical applications.

Health, Safety and Environment Laboratory

The Health, Safety and Environment Laboratory imparts knowledge about personal protective equipments, describes the difference between noise and sound by the measurement of Sound/Noise Level in various locations. Various experiments regarding the Air and water quality are also incorporated to provide knowledge about the environment.

Petroleum Engineering Laboratory

Petroleum Engineering Laboratory has been setup for the Petroleum Engineering students to enable them to understand the reservoir properties of  formation like porosity, permeability, and saturation. The laboratory is equipped with major instruments like: Liquid Permeameter, Gas Permeameter and Core Flooding Apparatus to determine petrophysical properties. The laboratory has access to Core Plug Drill Press which allows the students to drill core and perform core analysis in other lab equipments. The lab contains a working model of a Gas Lift.

Fluid Flow through Porous Media Laboratory

Fluid flow through Porous Media Laboratory consists of equipments which measure flow behavior of different types of fluids when passed through different channels under different parameters such as temperature and pressure. It also includes measurement of fluid properties as bubble point and dew point pressure & temperature conditions. It involves a variety of problems involving flow of fluids and transportation of fluids. This laboratory is used for experimentation on the behavior of fluids.

Reservoir Modeling & Simulation Laboratory

This laboratory consists of computers with Reservoir Modeling Software. Reservoir Simulation Models are used by oil and gas companies in the development of new fields. Models are used in developed fields where production forecasts are needed to help make investment decisions. As building and maintaining a robust, reliable model of a field is often time-consuming and expensive, models are typically constructed where large investment decisions are at stake. Improvements in simulation software have lowered the time to develop a model. Models can be run on personal computers rather than more expensive workstations.

Drilling Fluid Laboratory

The aim of this laboratory is to provide the students with the basic knowledge and understanding of various functions and compositions of drilling, completion, and work-over fluids and how to perform laboratory work to measure and determine their rheological properties to meet specific practical purposes within the environmental compliance constraints. DFC Laboratory has been developed for the testing of properties of drilling fluid (mud) to be used for circulation in the bore well. Equipments like- Multi Speed VG Viscometer (6 speeds), Fitter Press, Mud Balance, pH Meters, LTLP Viscometer, Sand Content Measuring Tube, Marsh Funnel Viscometer, LTLP Filter Press, etc. are available to practice.

Oil Gallery

Oil Gallery is the Museum of Petroleum Engineering Department. A temporary exhibit gallery on the first floor features short-term exhibits on topics and themes related to Indian Oil and Gas history. It focuses on the perseverance and ingenuity of oil exploration and drilling.

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