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School of Agriculture (SOA) was established in the year 2016 to produce new age agro-professionals. SOA is the result of the untiring efforts of its founders to create an institute providing responsive education, training and service for the development of agriculture education, that would produce professionals who will not only meet the pre requisites of the growing and ever evolving global agriculture sector but also contribute to face the challenge of modernizing Indian Agriculture up to the global standard.

Today SOA is a well established institute providing excellent educational facilities, with impeccable academic credentials along with distinguished faculty for better learning and development of professionals at graduation and post graduation level.

The College offers four-year B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Programme, under which the students are trained regarding the basic and advance skills related to different sectors of modern Agriculture and Allied Sciences. The course apart from training in scientific skills also trains the students in marketing skills of agriculture products. Under this study the students are exposed to real life rural settings with the aim to develop a sense of awareness so that the students can understand the problems of farmers and rural people. SOA also offers two-year M.Sc.Ag. (Plant Pathology) Programme which up skills the student to identify the symptoms of plant diseases, disease management and its effective treatment. The programme is aimed to enhance the participant’s theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of Plant Pathology.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Science qualifies the degree holder for the job profile of Agricultural/Food/Animal Scientist, as well as Microbiologist or Wildlife Conservationist.

With a Masters Degree (Plant Pathology) the students can aim for high paying jobs in Plant Protection Department at the Scientist Level.  The Agriculture Fertilizer Companies also   require Agricultural Experts. Organic Food Production Companies hire them as Quality Control Experts and collaborate with Agriculturists in contact farming. Master’s Degree in Agricultural Sciences also qualifies the students for higher research in the Department of Agriculture Research. They can also appear for Civil Services Examination.

Academia-Industry Interface:

Experimental Learning In the VII Semester of the Degree Programme training and experimental learning interface is highly crucial. The interface requires the students to pursue training in different organizations and NGOs. In this semester, Summer Projects, Industry Interaction Programs, Seminars, Workshops etc., are organized in association with the industry. These events offer students an opportunity to observe and assimilate the structure, the organizational traits and the business environment of the industry. The students are able to learn communication skills, analytical abilities and gain awareness regarding the prerequisites of job requirements in all sectors.

RAWE (Rural Agricultural Work Experience)Students of Final Semester (VIII Semester) undertake RAWE (Rural Agricultural Work Experience). Different components of this course are coordinated and supervised by the faculty members. Students are made to undertake case studies, industry projects, presentations, research work and work exposure as trainees for a specific period of time to acquire relevant and practical experience required for efficient working in Agricultural and Allied Fields.

Educational Visits – Regular visits are conducted to different KVKs, major agricultural institutes and research centers to understand the basic framework of research and gaining practical knowledge.

Vision and Mission of the Department

To emerge as renowned centre of excellence in agriculture by offering integrative educational experiences that unifies the fundamental and advance learning, hand on experience, research and extension.


  • To develop a leading centre for providing the student responsive education in Agriculture and related sectors.
  • To promote research and training on sustainable development of the agricultural productivity, cost reduction in farming, farm mechanization and livestock production.
  • To promote the consultancy in agriculture for the local farm producers through integrated extension activities.
  • To inculcate high regards for ethical principles and an understanding of human values and ethics and environmental sustainability.
  • To encourage students for entrepreneurship and rural development.
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