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ACS International Student Chapter in Uttaranchal University

The renowned American Chemical Society (ACS) has established its student chapter with Uttaranchal College of Applied and Life Science, Uttaranchal University (UU) to support and enhance development of students and to broaden the knowledge about chemistry and allied fields. American Chemical Society started in 1876 and is acclaimed to be a premium society working on research in Chemistry.

ACS international student chapter was established as a consequence of International Conference on New Horizons in Green Chemistry and Technology (ICGCT-2018) organized by School of Applied and Life Sciences (SALS) on 27TH – 28TH November, 2018 in Uttaranchal University (UU) which was also sponsored and supported by ACS. The society also provided free membership to the participants of the conference through which more than 220 students and faculty became its member. The initiative to bring ACS chapter to UU was taken by Principal (SALS) Dr. Ajay Singh who termed it as a big achievement which will be highly beneficial for the students of the university.

The member students of society will become a part of large network of researchers across the globe and would receive guidance to pursue their higher studies abroad. The society will also help the students in following ways-:

  • For organising various seminars and conferences.
  • For organising different scientific events for various colleges and schools in city.
  • It will help students to learn and explore more by networking with researchers in other countries.
  • It will also help students to keep themselves abreast of latest research and events in the field of Chemical Science and allied fields.
  • It will support students to attend various conferences, seminars etc. being held abroad.

The official members of the society are as follows-:

Name Officer Position
Dr. Ajay Singh President
Mr. Shivam Pandey Vice President
Aditi Thapa Student President
Rinku Rana Vice President
Shekhar Malik Treasurer
Shivangi Saini Secretary
Dipasha Saxena Star Member
Ankit Joshi Star Member
ACS International Students Chapter
ACS International Students Chapter
ACS International Students Chapter
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