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“The Resonance”….Committed To Catalyze the Life & Society, is the Chemistry Club and is recognized and associated with American Chemical Society (ACS).

The Club aims to promote interest in the field of Chemistry, stimulate scientific curiosity, provide assistance for the students in the field of Chemistry & encourage an atmosphere for exchange of thoughts & ideas. The club aims to expand knowledge in field of Chemistry by sharing the knowledge through Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Guest Lectures and Industrial tours. The club also creates awareness vis-à-vis numerous job opportunities in the field of Chemistry and promote the importance of Chemistry & its other allied field in everyday life.

The Club organizes various student activities like Poster Competition, Quiz Competition, Presentations and Model Making to enhance student’s ability to think out of the box that will help them to realize their true potential. The Club assists, at various levels, in various Lectures, Seminars, Conferences and events. It also conducts campaigns aimed towards making people aware of various factors like water quality, food quality, etc. The club also believe in enhancing the overall personality of the students, thus organizes a number of sports events such as badminton tournament, chess tournament, football matches etc.

The main goal of the club is to provide fun opportunities for students to broaden their knowledge of Chemistry and to interact with other students who possess shared interest in the field of Chemistry.

The Club-:

  • Allows students to nurture their interest in field of Chemistry.
  • Reinforces the significance of Chemistry to student’s everyday life.
  • Introduces students to future study or employment in Chemistry.
  • Offer students the opportunity to serve their community.
  • Expand student’s leadership skills by conducting demonstrations, presentations or community outreach events.

Member Council

Name Designation
Dr. Ajay Singh President
Dr. Poonam Negi Vice-President
Mr. Shivam Pandey Faculty Co-Ordinator
Tuba Urooj Student Co-Ordinator (B.Sc.)
Ankit Joshi Student Co-Ordinator (M.Sc.)
Shivangi Anand Secretary
Shahana Parveen Jt. Secretary
Gaurav Bisht Active Member
Rituraj Panwar Active Member
Jhanvi Parihar Active Member
Nandini Sharma Active Member
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