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“To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.” —Victor Hugo

Good reading habits kindle the aspirations and provide momentum to the interpretations on the academic, philosophical, and intellectual level. The largest Network of Teachers of English in India which is an Associate of IATEFL, UK, The English Language Teachers’ Association of India (ELTAI) was founded on August 7, 1969 by the late Padmashri S. Natarajan, a noted Educationist. The initiative endeavours to inculcate purposeful reading habits among the students.

The club circumscribes a spectrum of activities, of which a few have been enlisted below:

  • Reading aloud and storytelling: Working on the intonation and the oration skills of students.
  • Shared reading: Reading different texts and adding and sharing personal perceptions with the fellow mates.
  • Silent/ independent reading: Providing a tranquil ambience that catalyzes diligent reading habits.
  • Written Remarks: Inferring the essence of the text and weaving it in self-composed form.
  • Discussion on literary compositions and authors: To gain an insight of widely acclaimed authors and their renowned pieces of work to celebrate the prestige, beauty and the variations of interpretations of the English Language and Literature.


  • The club aims to establish itself as a resource that ensures the budding and nurturing of voracious readers.
  •  The club excels in taking the students to a journey of exploration to the infinite dimensions of the aesthetics of literature and answers that how meritorious reading skills escort throughout this prodigious journey.


  • Students will be approved by the Club Coordinator on the basis of their performances in the SLA as well as at the University level. 
  • Students will be judged / approved on the basis of certain qualities required to execute activities of the club i.e Integrity, Ability to delegate, Flexibility in performing tasks, Communication skills, Behavior, Self-awareness, Gratitude, Confidence, Discipline, Learning agility, Influence and Empathy.
  • Promotion of members will be done only by the Club Coordinator according to their overall performance of previous events in sight. 
  • Application forms will be circulated for students to choose their choice of clubs before examining their suitability.


  • Students will be selected on the basis of Oratory skills, speaking sills, reading skills and other communication skills needed for various activities
  • Analytical skills to develop a sense of literary appreciation
  •  Passion for reading, debating, creative writing, literature, elocution, etc.


  • The Club Coordinator along with the office bearers and the members of the UU-ELTAI Reading Club are required to coordinate various activities, programs, events etc. of  the SLA, and also any other functions of university whenever required and assigned for.
  • It is to be ensured that there is maximum engagement of students and adequate utilization of their knowledge, interest, and skills for creative and optimum use for all reading activities.
  • To ensure discipline in all the events organized and to promote a healthy and interactive ambience in all events organized. It is mandatory that the members shall coordinate/cooperate with the heads, faculty and vigilance team and compile a report at the end of each event.
  • To arrange/allocate funds from the budgetary allocation/student’s head by collecting affordable amount of funds from the students or get special sanction of the grant for buying & purchase of equipment, decorative items, etc. or to organize/promote events, competitions, festivals, tours, exhibitions, programs etc of different clubs.
  • It is mandatory to decide dates and nature of the program scheduled beforehand by confronting with the concerned faculty. In case of rejection/any amendment from the authority, the same is required to be communicated to the applicant and the other members included in writing.
  • The coordinators shall look after the communication and contacts with the other clubs of the institution for better exposure of the student members through cultural exchange programs.

Students’ Committee(2021-2022): 

Designation Name Branch Year Email ID Mobile Number
President Ms Surabhi Gaur B A (Hons) Psychology III [email protected] 9415631760
Vice-President (Boy) Mr Ayush  B A (Hons) English II [email protected] 9548618692
Vice-President (Girl) Ms Reetika  B A (Hons) English II [email protected] 7536053955
Secretary Ms Tanika Kanojia  B A (Hons) English II [email protected] 8979395337
Joint Secretary (Boy) Mr Sumit  B A (Hons) English II [email protected] 9760116684
Joint Secretary (Girl) Samriddhi Thapliyal  B A (Hons) English II [email protected] 8865990764
Executive members

(maximum 05)

Ms Jigyasa Parmar B A (Hons) English I [email protected] 7055882275
Ms Harshita Pant B A (Hons) English I [email protected] 8384872646
Ms Anushka Payal B A (Hons) English I [email protected] 7037844484
Ms Shivangi Chauhan B A (Hons) English I [email protected] 9548828341
Smriti Gulati B A (Hons) English I [email protected] 8077621982

Activities Planned

Month Name of Event Objectives
November 21 Mentor meeting with ELTAI   To understand and plan out the working of the Reading club and coordinate with ELTAI
December 21 First event for Book Review (monthly basis) Inculcate amongst students a sense of critical analysis and develop a reading habit
January 22  Story Telling Session Enhance the creative imagination of students and provide a platform for their expressions
February 22 Interactive Workshop on Importance of Reading  Motivate the young generation for reading habits and its relevance 
March 22 Talk on Digital Literature Inform and inspire students by sharing aspects of Digital Literature
April 22 Story Creating Activity  Cultivate a sense of creativity amongst students and channelize their imagination 

Note: Mentor interaction sessions will be on Saturdays 

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