19 Years of Excellence

Vision & Mission


  • To ensure that all pupils make excellent progress in study & research in Liberal Arts through excellent teaching which engages & motivates them to work hard & succeed.
  • To create global citizens who are aware of the past, present & future of the world around them, through questioning, investigation & critical thinking and are equipped to assess received opinion & make independent judgments.
  • To develop knowledge & understanding of the pupils through cross curricular links in a way that they are able to understand their past, appraise & analyze their present and prepare them to face the challenges & demands of the future world.
  • To enable the young learners cherish & preserve the national culture, ethics & values and developing a cosmopolitan outlook at the same time.
  • To develop in students an in-depth understanding and broadening their horizons of knowledge, skill & attitude concurrently.
  • To develop all the pupils into lifelong learners and researchers rather than just producing degree holders.
  • To develop the institution into a resource centre of national and international fame for the studies and learning of Liberal Arts.


  • To develop the institution as an innovative and learner centric resource centre.
  • To create leaders.
  • To support excellence in education through a diverse, dynamic and personalized academic environment that emphasizes engaged learning.
  • To educate students to embody holistic knowledge.
  • To inspire critical thinking leading to creation of positive synergy in the society.
  • To develop dynamic oral & written communication skills towards enhancing the global acceptability & employability of its pupils.
  • To create global citizens to bring a positive transformation in the nation.
  • To equip students to make positive changes in the community & nation.
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