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Doctoral Programme

The doctoral program (PhD) is focused on acquiring in-depth knowledge and expertise in the chosen field. It is research-centric and creating new frontiers in knowledge and enabling a scholar to become a competent researcher who can conduct independent research in his/her chosen area.

This program teaches how to identify research problems and how to apply suitable techniques to produce results and advance the state of understanding about that problem. The ability to conduct research in a certain field requires deep knowledge of that area, knowledge about related areas, and the experience of working on problems with unknown outcomes.

The process of research begins by forming some new idea, or some hypothesis for research. The idea has to be developed using the established methods of scientific research, through which the researcher shows the value of the idea. Spending time studying, analyzing, evaluating research issues, and comparing with research work of others, can help in discovering reliable outcomes. Independent research is always a part of a PhD program.

In research there are also issues of communication involved, how well the thesis has been presented, how convincing the study is and what addition it is making to the existing knowledge will make the research work worthy of acceptance.

Ph. D Program – 2018

The study of Ph.D Program for session 2018 is under way at Uttaranchal University.  With a view to maintaining the quality and objectivity of research, the university has enrolled the very deserving candidates for the program in compliance with guidelines of the UGC Regulation 2009 and 2016.