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Microbiology, a branch of medicine and is a study of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. These bacteria can cause various diseases in human beings. B.Sc. Medical Microbiology provides students with the knowledge of microbial pathogenesis, epidemiology, disease pathology, and immunology. The programme trains aspirants to perform effective treatment on infectious diseases and make certain clinical applications of microbes for the improvement of health. Along with the study of pathology, biochemistry, and immunology, students will also learn about the human immune system and the immune response to a variety of infectious microbes.

The students registered under this programme will realise how health is impacted on a global scale with the development and emergence of pathogens, how infectious agents hide from the immune response, and how these bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics. Through this program, students will develop an understanding of required topics in microbiology, genetics, medical virology, medical bacteriology, biotechnology, immunology, etc.

Career Prospects:

After the completion of the programme, students will possess state-of-the-art knowledge, transferable skills, and laboratory techniques with a focus on practical and analytical training in microbiological and molecular techniques. Graduates can work in various fields like healthcare organisations, forensic science laboratories, environmental organisations, higher education institutions, research organisations, and pharmaceuticals under the designation heads such as Food/Industrial/Environmental Microbiologists, Quality Assurance Technologists, Microbiologists, Pharmacologists, Food Scientists, Medical Technologists, Clinical Research Associates, etc.

Students can also venture into research with a postgraduate degree and specialisation in the field and work on cutting-edge research and experimental science with various private and government universities and research organisations.

Programme Duration: 3 Years
  • 10+2, with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as imperative subjects.
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Admission Procedure:
  • Admission is based on merit computed on the basis of marks secured in qualifying examination. University also conducts interviews of all applicants before admitting the eligible candidates.
  • Out of the total intake, 40% seats are allotted to students of Uttarakhand under the State Quota and the rest are open to students from All India. In case the allotted percentage of seats of State Quota remains vacant, it will be filled by All India students.
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