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IMG_2870The Law College Dehradun organized a debate on the controversial topic of the religion being used by the so-called saints/seers for their nefarious activities.  The speakers speaking in favor of the motion and those against it actively debated the motion. The speakers favoring the motion cited many examples to substantiate how some of these shrewd religious preachers were taking disadvantage of the common man’s faith, religion and exploiting them. Those speakers who opposed the motion defended the popularization of religion and urged the listeners to have the sense of judgment to differentiate between the sincere and the insincere people.

The debate was judged by Mr. Abhishek Joshi, Dr. Rajesh Bahuguna and the member of Uttarakhand Public Service Commission, Mr. Sumer Chand Ravi.  On the basis of the points secured by the teams Suchi Sharma and Saurav’s team was adjudged the best debating team. Akshit Gaur and Manoj Kumar represented the runner-up team.

Uttaranchal University has established a long practice of providing exposure to its students through public speaking and participation in co-curricular activities to inculcate confidence and acquire communication skills.


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