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    • The University follows the semester system with two semesters in an academic year for its program.
    • The odd/even semester begins in August, while the spring semester begins in January each year.
    • Each programme in a semester is based on a credit system depending on the contact hours provided to that programme.
    • The number of teaching days is 90 days in a semester, and it includes lectures, tutorials, practicals, projects, seminars, paper presentation, quiz, and dissertation.
    • Field & Industrial Trainings are organized to supplement the concepts taught in the classrooms.
    • Moot Court Sessions, visits to courts, attending and organizing Legal Aid Camps are mandatory for law students.
    • Students are required to maintain an attendance of 75% on average in all the teaching activities to appear in the examinations.
    • The students are graded based on formative assessment in the form of Sessional Examinations, practicals, projects, seminars, paper presentations, and quizzes etc
    • The University has a moderation system to keep on checks and controls on marks or grades awarded in Sessional examinations and external examinations.
    • The external and sessional question papers are being framed with the help of Blooms’ Taxonomy to match up with COs of each course with POs of each programme
    • The University lays stress on overall personality development and sensitivity towards national/international issues by making them familiar with many life skills courses under non-credit courses. These non-credit courses are mandatorily required to pass by the student to obtain the degree. 

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