19 Years of Excellence

Faculty Development Programme Organized at Uttarnchal University

The Department of Humanities, UIT  conducted a FDP session on 19th July 2017. The topic of this FDP was “Effective Teaching with the special focus on Academically Weak Students and   Common Mistakes in day to day English Communication”. The Resource Persons for this Faculty Development Programme were Dr. Yash Deep Singh and Ms. Rachna Juyal and it was attended by faculty members and HODs of UIT, Uttaranchal University.

The Session started with a PPT presentation by Ms. Rachna Juyal , regarding Effective Teaching and it was joined by Dr. Yash Deep Singh, who suggested methods of helping academically weak students and slow learners. The later part of this FDP focused on discussing the common errors made by Indians in day to day English communication. With the aid of power-point presentation and work sheets, several wrongly used phrases of English were highlighted and correct usage was simultaneously explained. A few words which are commonly mispronounced were also discussed. This FDP was found fruitful by the participants, who actively participated in this session.

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